China-Australia trade exceeded 1 trillion

According to the latest news from the “Australian Financial Review” on January 14, the Australian government “quietly” recently refused a Chinese power giant to build a new natural gas worth 300 million Australian dollars (about 1.5 billion yuan) in the country’s New State. power plant. The report pointed out that the Australian government has been […]

Is a “second impeachment” about to begin?

The meltdown on Capitol Hill has dealt a further blow to the image of the United States and plunged the waning Trump into unprecedented isolation and crisis. Democrats are now racing to impeach Mr Trump for the second time. US media revealed that the impeachment process began as early as November 11. Nancy Pelosi, the […]

Who will be the next world factory?

China’s transformation to a world manufacturing power is remarkable. At the beginning of China’s accession to the WTO, China was still a small player in the global manufacturing arena. In the following years, China has become a low-cost factory in the world, manufacturing labor-intensive products for the world, such as textiles, toys, clothing, etc. For […]

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