The U.S. government has another “black hand” against 11 Chinese companies

The current US president has only five days left, but the Trump administration’s suppression of Chinese companies has not stopped, and the “last madness” is still being staged. On January 14, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce “blocked” 9 Chinese companies and 2 Chinese companies. According to Reuters, nine more Chinese companies […]

Skyrocketing, God left Trump?

Today11.10, the entire U.S. stock market is completely boiling. The European stock market is in riot. The Dow Jones index futures soared by 1,600 points, an increase of more than 56%, and the standard 500 stock index futures soared by 140 points, an increase of 4.33%. The entire U.S. stock market is in a jubilation. […]

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