China-Australia trade exceeded 1 trillion

According to the latest news from the “Australian Financial Review” on January 14, the Australian government “quietly” recently refused a Chinese power giant to build a new natural gas worth 300 million Australian dollars (about 1.5 billion yuan) in the country’s New State. power plant. The report pointed out that the Australian government has been […]

Trump signs executive orders

US President Donald Trump on Friday signed an executive order banning transactions with eight Chinese apps, including Alipay, according to an exclusive report from Reuters. The order requires the us department of commerce to define which transactions will be banned, while Tencent’s QQ wallet and WeChat payments are also targets, the report said. It quoted […]

Trump is carrying 400 million US dollars in debt

Judicial refusal to intervene Trump has been reluctant to accept the fact that he lost the election. He has continuously filed lawsuits in major swing states and has repeatedly claimed election fraud. On December 7, he also told reporters, “You will see many big things happen next.” The major issue that Trump refers to is […]

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