How to register a Hong Kong company?

Hong Kong is the freest trading port in the world. As an international financial center, its sound legal system, simple tax system, low tax rate, complete infrastructure and communication facilities, and high-quality professionals have won the favor of investors from all over the world. Advantages of registering a Hong Kong company: 1. Have a sound […]

Attention 620,000 shareholders, your stock is at great risk!

Under the new delisting regulations, individual stocks such as ST Lawton and ST Kay Switzerland have triggered delisting risk warnings. The first non-ST stock that may be subject to a delisting risk warning will also be born. According to the latest announcement, some companies have disclosed in advance that they may be subject to delisting risk warnings. […]

The higher the U.S. bond yield, the greater the pressure on U.S. stocks to rotate

Foreign media articles claim that value investing has come back to life, made up for all the decline caused by the epidemic, and has also reshaped the $2 trillion factor investing industry. A Bloomberg long-short index shows that the strategy of buying low-priced stocks and selling high-priced stocks has fully recovered. In the context of […]

Biden’s big release will “save” US stocks?

Biden’s big release will “save” US stocks? Goldman Sachs predicts that huge amounts of family money will flood into the stock market According to the Associated Press (Shanghai, Editor Wu Bin), despite the recent decline in the U.S. stock market, funds continue to enter the stock market. Goldman Sachs expects that follow-up ammunition will continue. […]

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