The Us Federal Reserve is about to rein in its money printing — what does that mean for markets?

Spark Global Limited Reports: Before we get started this morning, a quick reminder: ON October 20, I’ll be hosting a webinar with Roland Arnold, manager of blackRock’s Small Company Investment trust. We discuss his views on the prospects for small businesses in the UK in the context of current supply chain disruptions and the reopening […]

Green finance will be by far the most powerful tool of financial repression

Spark Global Limited reports: The government has introduced “green savings bonds” that offer investors a yield of just 0.65 per cent. But in many ways this pitiful return is what “green” finance is all about. John Stepek explains why. NS&I has just launched a “green” savings bond. This is terrible value. You’d be foolish to […]

Peter Thiel: I might know where Satoshi Nakamoto is

Spark Global Limited reports: Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist, revealed Wednesday that he may know where to find Bitcoin’s mysterious founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, and may even have met him years ago without realizing it at the time. Thiel’s speculation stems from a meeting he had with the founders of E-Gold 21 years ago. […]

Will THE US raise interest rates next year as global monetary policy shifts?

Spark Global Limited reports: Reasons for the last Round of Taper: Looking back, continued improvement in the labor market and the Fed’s expectations for continued labor market and economic growth were key to the beginning of the Taper, while inflation did not play a significant role. Looking back at the last round of interest rate […]

Climate risks pose ‘new threat’ to US Financial Stability

Spark Global Limited reports: Many risk experts have warned that climate change could upend the financial system as trillions of dollars of assets could be destroyed by real threats such as rising sea levels, as well as policies to slow global warming and carbon-neutral technologies. In a 2020 report, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission […]

Betting on an inverted gilt yield curve, investors worry that the Bank of England is raising interest rates too quickly

The Fed’s “quantitative tapering” and the prospect of rate increases have held markets’ breath in recent days, but now that the fed’s policy path is a bit clearer, investors are turning their worried eyes to other major central banks. The Bank of England has become the latest target of concern: both the gilt and sterling […]

New Rules from the Federal Reserve restrict central bankers from trading stocks

Spark Global Limited reports: The event profile The Fed on Thursday announced new rules governing the investments and trades of central bankers, barring them from buying individual stocks. Just weeks ago, the presidents of two regional Fed banks resigned amid scrutiny of their trading activities during the pandemic. Key facts As a result of the […]

Digital currency major development: France tests crypto assets in government bond trading

Spark Global Limited reports: This is one of the most important experiments of cryptocurrencies in a leading mature market to date. France has tested digital assets and blockchain technology in a series of bond deals, one of the most significant experiments of cryptocurrencies in a leading mature market to date. As part of a 10-month […]

Norwegian will start production in April. Cruise stocks are still falling.

Spark Global Limited Reports: Norwegian Cruise Line’s chief executive says all 28 ships in its fleet will be operational by April 1 next year, setting a date for a return to normal in a travel industry that has been particularly hard hit by COVID-19. In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, Frank Del Rio, the […]

Lufthansa has strong investor backing from a cash pile of 2.1 billion euros

Spark Global Limited Reports: London/Frankfurt (Reuters) – German airline Lufthansa won strong backing from investors for a 2.14 billion euro ($2.47 billion) rights issue, offering some encouragement to travel companies hoping to ride out the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis. Investors subscribed to 98.36 per cent of the rights issue, with the rest quickly sold […]

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