Ningde era welcomes 370 billion “tsunami” of lifting ban

On February 2, 2021, Ningde times (300750. SZ) issued a number of announcements, disclosing that “phase V and phase VI project of Yibin power battery manufacturing base with an investment of 12 billion”, “Zhaoqing project with an investment of 12 billion” and “FAW power battery” project with an investment of 5 billion “, with a […]

Northward capital increased significantly, but Ningde era stock was sold for 1.5 billion yuan

On February 3, the three major A-share indexes fell, with the Shanghai index closing down 0.46%. The aquaculture sector bucked the market and rose sharply, while the military industry, electronics and other sectors ranked first in the decline.   According to the intelligent monitoring of 21 INVESTMENT link, on February 3, BEIXIANG net bought 3.423 […]

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