Listed banks release annual report

On the first trading day of February, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets of a shares opened flat and went higher. The market sentiment was relatively active, with tourism stocks leading the rise in the morning. The leading stock, China Zhongmian (601888. SH), once rose by more than 7%. Banking stocks led the upward attack […]

Semiconductors are still worthy of attention

Recently, the rushed higher and was hindered, and the market fluctuated and fell back. The sector and individual stocks differentiated significantly. The semiconductor sector, which has been the focus of the market before, experienced a significant correction yesterday. Industry insiders pointed out that the semiconductor industry has not changed, and the callback is conducive to […]

volatility reached a high point, most of them are on the way?

Fx168 financial news (North America) on Tuesday (December 1), bitcoin failed to continue its rally after breaking the record high the previous day, and failed in an attempt to break through the important threshold of $20000. Today, bitcoin fell 1% to around $19000. (source: coindesk) Gary Cohn, a former head of economics for president trump, […]

Risk is coming!

Here comes the risk. Shenzhen real estate speculation is so fanatical that it is against the wind. On November 28, Xinhua news agency released a comment entitled “hard core” measures are needed to curb the “new craze” in the property market. According to the article, the commercial housing with an area of more than 100000 […]

It is getting hotter and hotter in Shenzhen

Since this year, the most important news of the property market is Shenzhen hot. Now it is getting hotter and hotter. The hottest property is the recent opening of China Resources seal. On November 24, Runxi lottery selected 1300 people from 9690 people to enter the first housing selection process. On November 25 and 26, […]

The market volatility increases, will the rebound come to an abrupt end?

On November 10, the three major A-share stock indexes adjusted weakly, and the ChiNext index performed weakly. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.40% to close at 3360 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.05% to close at 13,993 points; the ChiNext Index fell 1.45% to close at 2773 points. On the […]

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