Chinalco International: heavy volume fell

     According to the AI ​​Express, China Aluminum International (601068) fell heavily, with a volume ratio greater than 3. The latest report was 3.65 yuan per share, an increase of -0.27%, and an increase of 2.53% this year. The flow of “main capital” today: Today (April 01, 2021) the net inflow of funds is […]

The family called the police for help and quickly arrived

Flags at the White House are flying at half-staff for the fifth day in a row. Remember, a month ago, the day before Biden was sworn in, he made a special trip to mourn the 400,000 Americans who had died of the epidemic, saying: In order to heal, we must remember. A month later, the […]

How is such a ruling likely to bring stability to Americans

Demonstrations broke out in almost every city in the country, many of which turned violent. A large number of shops were smashed and looted, and the police station where Officer Floyd was killed on his knees was set ablaze. The images of the flames became the best evidence of the worst national race riot in […]

The grand jury decided not to indict a policeman

To the family’s fury, they called the police for help, only to find that the police came and killed Proud.The police also tried to hide the truth, saying all along that Proud had died of a drug overdose. It was only in September, under pressure from lawyers, that the police department had to release the […]

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