Xinhua Insurance: To hire Zhang Hong as vice president

Yesterday, Xinhua Insurance announced that the board of directors passed a resolution on that day, and proposed to nominate Zhang Hong as the candidate for executive director of the company’s seventh board of directors, and agreed to appoint Zhang Hong as the company’s vice president (full rank) and member of the executive committee. His qualifications […]

Business owners who did not buy employer insurance?

      01. “Bao Zhunjun, let’s talk about the employee accidentally injured at work, the work injury insurance is compensated, and the group insurance is also compensated. Now the employee is still asking the company for compensation, is it too much!” “It’s too difficult, why can’t employees understand the company!” Are employees’ compensation claims […]

Insurance Qiandongnan Center Branch quickly settles claims

     On March 26, 2021, the family members of Carey customer Ms. Lu gave a banner with the words “Risk relentless, Xinhua compassionate, trustworthy performance, and timely settlement of claims” to Xinhua Insurance Qiandongnan Central Branch to express their gratitude. A pennant not only represents the gratitude of the customers but also the affirmation […]

Unfair housing and low income? Must talk about our distribution

In traditional economics and Western economic systems, there are two concepts: First, the first-level income distribution is determined by your salary. Second, in order to make up for the malformation of the distribution, it is necessary to carry out a second distribution through progressive income tax, charging the rich a little more tax, compared with the […]

The first digital RMB insurance policy is here

The reporter learned from ZhongAn Insurance that in November this year, ZhongAn Insurance and China Construction Bank launched the cooperation of digital renminbi in online insurance scenarios. The first digital renminbi insurance policy was issued by consumers through the ZhongAn Insurance app. Enjoy the 2020 version of eHealth products. ZhongAn Insurance said that some pilot […]

There are new regulations for the supervision of insurance agents

The “Regulations on the Supervision of Insurance Agents” mainly regulate the following aspects: The first is to straighten out the legal relationship. According to the definition of insurance agents in the Insurance Law, professional insurance agencies, part-time insurance agencies, and individual insurance agents are included in the same departmental regulations to regulate and adjust, consistent […]

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