Profit of Softbank vision fund in last quarter

Softbank (44.73, – 0.72, – 1.58%) group will release its fourth quarter results as of the end of March on May 12. At present, the market generally expects that the company’s vision fund will record a record profit, mainly benefiting from the investment income of coupang, a South Korean e-commerce giant. Softbank owns 37% of […]

Employee salary entries, exams and accounting are all required!

Many novice accountants just enter the workplace and ask the old accountants how to prepare the accounting entries for payable employees? A small meeting is here to help you today! 01. How to prepare the accounting entries for payable employee compensation? The subject of “employee compensation payable” should be based on the items of “salary”, […]

Behind the limit of the original Rongan Real Estate

Zhejiang Ningbo real estate developer Rongan Real Estate suffered a catastrophe in the A-share market today-the company’s share price gapped sharply and opened close to -7%, and then went down. It was hit to the limit at 10 o’clock and blocked the -10% limit. , Seems to have encountered some bad news, and the capital […]

Wells Fargo Fund’s special session ended successfully

On the 16th anniversary of the launch of China’s ETF products, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Wells Fargo Fund and other public fund companies held a series of “Sixteen Years and Sixteen Cities” ETF Summit Forum. On the afternoon of March 20, the “Sixteen Years and Sixteen Cities” ETF Summit Forum for Wells Fargo Fund […]

CITIC Securities’ proposed allotment of shares does not exceed 28 billion

On March 1, Capital State learned that CITIC Securities (600030.SH) issued a pre-plan for the public offering of securities by allotment, intending to allot 1.939 billion shares to original shareholders, and raise funds not exceeding 28 billion yuan. Among them, the number of A-share allotment shares does not exceed 1.597 billion shares, and the number […]

Fund issuance is expected to raise the tide again

Based on the starting date of fund raising, fund issuance in the first quarter is still “crowded”. According to Dongfang fortune choice data, the total number of new funds that have been disclosed since February 18 has reached 96, involving many fund companies such as Jingshun Great Wall, Qianhai Kaiyuan, Nanfang, Guangfa, Fuguo and harvest. […]

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