The original Ant Financial and JD Digital

In the past, there was Ant Financial, followed by JD Digital. With the suspension of the listing of the two leading giants, the vigorous wave of digital technology finally came to an end. Facts have proved that the so-called digital technology is not synonymous with Internet finance or financial technology, but a brand new species. If we […]

Visa announces support for virtual currency

     Bitcoin is getting more and more popular! Visa announces support for virtual currency payment and settlement Recently, Bitcoin mining has become a hot topic. Although many people have been skeptical of cryptocurrencies, the reality is that cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look! According to foreign media reports, […]

Attention 620,000 shareholders, your stock is at great risk!

Under the new delisting regulations, individual stocks such as ST Lawton and ST Kay Switzerland have triggered delisting risk warnings. The first non-ST stock that may be subject to a delisting risk warning will also be born. According to the latest announcement, some companies have disclosed in advance that they may be subject to delisting risk warnings. […]

How does the US Treasury bond interest rate affect the crypto market?

The U.S. 10-year Treasury bond interest rate suddenly spiked to 1.6%, causing the Nasdaq market and the crypto market to plummet at the same time, and also shaking the market’s confidence in the future trend of Bitcoin prices. Recently, Junhaeng Lee, the founder of South Korean blockchain finance company Streami, wrote about this matter. Based […]

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