Real estate keywords for 8 consecutive years

Recently, the notice on some issues concerning the pilot project of levying house property tax on some individual houses in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the notice) has triggered a continuous “fermentation” of discussions on house property tax. Real estate tax concerns everyone’s vital interests. Some scholars believe that the possibility of introducing property tax […]

The Chinese who bought a house in Australia suffered the worst losses

Source: Tencent Finance Recently, the World Wide Web published a report in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post. According to the report, many states in Australia are currently “laying the red carpet” to attract foreign investors. Once upon a time, the ability of the Chinese to buy houses in overseas countries such as Australia, Europe, the […]

Unfair housing and low income? Must talk about our distribution

In traditional economics and Western economic systems, there are two concepts: First, the first-level income distribution is determined by your salary. Second, in order to make up for the malformation of the distribution, it is necessary to carry out a second distribution through progressive income tax, charging the rich a little more tax, compared with the […]

Get out without changing

Seeking opportunities for survival and development amidst strong uncertainty may be the core proposition of the current commercial real estate industry. On December 10th, the “2020inPropTech Future Real Estate Technology Summit” co-sponsored by Crane and inPropTech was held in Shanghai. Various roles in the commercial real estate sector, such as owners, intermediaries, investors, and platform […]

The Causes of the Debt Risk of Real Estate Enterprises

The debt risk of real estate companies has a lot to do with the real estate industry attributes and high leverage operation mode. Since a large amount of funds are needed to purchase land, demolition and resettlement, and cover construction costs in the early stage of real estate development, the capital chain is regarded as […]

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