Japan’s former finance minister urged

Japan needs to consider canceling the Tokyo Olympics and accelerating the launch of vaccines to cope with growing virus infections, former finance minister Shinichi ahumi said on Tuesday. “It’s time to seriously consider cancellations or delays,” an said in an interview He added that recent polls showed that 70 per cent of the Japanese public […]

Improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural industry

Recently, the Agricultural Development Bank’s Yuqing County Sub-branch successfully issued a rural land transfer and land scale operation loan of 50 million yuan to Yuqing County Xingyu Venture Co., Ltd. for infrastructure construction projects in the 500-mu dam area of ​​Yuqing County. It is reported that the bank was approved to invest 136 million yuan […]

Haro’s travel layout self-developed two-wheeled

After several years of development, the shared bicycles on the street have become a good helper for many friends in their short commutes. From the colorful “color war” in the early development of this industry, to the gradual spread of strong supervision, and the disappearance of many platforms, now there are only a few top brands […]

CityBonson won the bid for China Postal Savings Bank

The banking industry is an important component and core industry of the national economic system. In the market structure of my country’s banking industry, large state-owned commercial banks occupy a dominant position. According to data from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, in the first three quarters of 2020, six state-owned banks accounted for more […]

Privatization of real estate development business

CapitaLand Group issued an announcement showing that CapitaLand Group will implement a group business restructuring proposal with CapitaLand Holdings to integrate the investment management platform and lodging business under CapitaLand Group into “CapitaLand Investment Management (CLIM)”. The company will be based in Singapore. Listed on the stock exchange; at the same time, the group’s development […]

Red Star Macalline’s 8th Global Home Furnishing Industry Joint Summit was held

On December 20, the annual home furnishing event-2020 Red Star Macalline’s 8th Global Home Furnishing Industry Joint Summit was held grandly in Beijing. Hundreds of guests from industry associations, representatives of global home furnishing companies and the media gathered together. Discuss cooperation and friendship together, seek common development and talk about the future together. Zhang […]

Countermeasures to Prevent and Dissolve the Debt Risk of Real Estate Enterprises

As China’s real estate companies are highly dependent on the financial system, the debt risks of real estate companies are more likely to be transformed into systemic risks of banking and financial institutions. Therefore, in response to the triple pressure of “new crown epidemic + debt repayment peak + new financing regulations”, the debt risk […]

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