The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory

On April 8, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Notice of the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on Deepening the Special Work on the Management of Disorders in the Personal Insurance Market”, focusing on the four major aspects of sales behavior, personnel management, data authenticity, and internal […]

Smith Barney Apparel under Heavy Pressure

On the evening of February 28, Smith Barney announced that it plans to withdraw 366 million yuan of asset impairment reserves for 2020, which will reduce the net profit attributable to the parent company in 2020 by 366 million yuan. While assets are impaired, the performance of Smith Barney is not optimistic. The former leading […]

Research on the performance of listed companies

During the period of intensive disclosure of the performance forecast or annual report of listed companies, investors are most afraid to step on the “performance mine”, and the regulatory authorities also focus on such companies with “erratic” performance. Statistics show that after 2386 listed companies released their 2020 performance forecasts, as of February 3, the […]

Securities companies: the most panic time has passed

CITIC Securities: trillion will be released soon, and the slow rise will continue in February   The central bank’s short-term adjustment of liquidity is not equal to a comprehensive turn, and the market overreacts. In the first quarter, domestic monetary policy does not have the conditions for a comprehensive turn, and the central bank is […]

All three companies rose in Hong Kong yesterday

On January 6, local time, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced that it “will proceed with the delisting of the following companies in accordance with U.S. law”, after the NYSE said it would no longer require the delisting of the three companies. The companies referred to by the NYSE are China Telecom Limited, China […]

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