Wingtech intends to jointly acquire the assets of OFILM

On April 13, Wingtech Technology issued an announcement on the progress of the acquisition of OFILM’s assets. The company and Zhuhai Gree Ventures will jointly invest in the acquisition of OFILM’s subsidiaries at a ratio of 7:3. Among them, Wingtech Technology invested 2.1 billion yuan, and Gree Ventures invested 900 million yuan. According to the announcement, […]

Haro’s travel layout self-developed two-wheeled

After several years of development, the shared bicycles on the street have become a good helper for many friends in their short commutes. From the colorful “color war” in the early development of this industry, to the gradual spread of strong supervision, and the disappearance of many platforms, now there are only a few top brands […]

Once again set an all-time high, a value of 410,000

Bitcoin, a virtual currency, was born in 2009. It is a P2P form of encrypted digital virtual currency. As a medium, transactions can be carried out on the network platform. Bitcoin is very different from other forms of virtual currency. , That is, it is very scarce, because of its scarcity, it is very valuable. […]

The daily limit was touched for the first time in the intraday market

According to the AI ​​Express, the baby-friendly room (603214) recently hit the daily limit for the first time recently, and the latest report was 23.76 yuan per share, an increase of 10.0%, and an increase of 3.57% this year. The flow of “main capital” today: Today (March 30, 2021), the net inflow of funds was 3.084 […]

The stock indexes of the two cities dived across the board, and the GEM index fell more than 3%

The stock indexes of the two cities dived across the board. As of press time, the Shanghai Index fell nearly 1%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell nearly 2%, and the ChiNext Index plunged over 3% to test 3200 support points. According to wind data, northbound funds bought nearly 6 billion yuan against the market. On […]

Non ferrous metal “Dancing” in stock market

Recently, China domestic and foreign capital markets ushered in a strong trend. On the one hand, the trend of stock and futures markets is linked; on the other hand, the price trend of nonferrous metals deviates from that of gold, crude oil and other commodities and goes up against the current. However, the price of […]

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