Business owners who did not buy employer insurance?

      01. “Bao Zhunjun, let’s talk about the employee accidentally injured at work, the work injury insurance is compensated, and the group insurance is also compensated. Now the employee is still asking the company for compensation, is it too much!” “It’s too difficult, why can’t employees understand the company!” Are employees’ compensation claims […]

The doctor was angry because he couldn’t buy a house for 4 times

Since last year, Shanghai’s housing prices have been on a rising trend. Prior to this, the market had fallen for nearly three years, and a large amount of accumulated demand was waiting to be released. China Real Estate News reporter Xu Qian丨Report from Beijing “The Shanghai property market is on fire again.” This is the […]

Australian copper mine exports to China plummeted by 80%

The latest news on January 12 showed that Turquoise Hill Resources, controlled by the Australian mining giant Rio Tinto, said Mongolia is considering terminating the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine underground mine project. However, the Australian company has nothing to do. It is reported that Rio Tinto revealed in December last year that due to poor geological conditions, […]

Huawei consultant Tian Tao: “Be a good businessman”

Businessmen are common in the world, and real entrepreneurs are “rare animals”, and entrepreneurs can play a powerful role in guiding and promoting enterprises and society. For many business operators and entrepreneurs, whether they are facing difficulties in their development, or when they are developing better and further expanding their boundaries, they should ask themselves […]

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