Get through the “last mile” of inclusive finance Bohai Bank

The economy thrives and the finance thrives, the economy is strong, the finance is strong, the economy is the organism, and the finance is the bloodline. The two coexist and prosper together. Since 2021, Tianjin financial institutions have further optimized the financing environment, promoted financial product innovation, and used financial water to nourish the real […]

Business owners who did not buy employer insurance?

      01. “Bao Zhunjun, let’s talk about the employee accidentally injured at work, the work injury insurance is compensated, and the group insurance is also compensated. Now the employee is still asking the company for compensation, is it too much!” “It’s too difficult, why can’t employees understand the company!” Are employees’ compensation claims […]

Privatization of real estate development business

CapitaLand Group issued an announcement showing that CapitaLand Group will implement a group business restructuring proposal with CapitaLand Holdings to integrate the investment management platform and lodging business under CapitaLand Group into “CapitaLand Investment Management (CLIM)”. The company will be based in Singapore. Listed on the stock exchange; at the same time, the group’s development […]

CITIC Securities’ proposed allotment of shares does not exceed 28 billion

On March 1, Capital State learned that CITIC Securities (600030.SH) issued a pre-plan for the public offering of securities by allotment, intending to allot 1.939 billion shares to original shareholders, and raise funds not exceeding 28 billion yuan. Among them, the number of A-share allotment shares does not exceed 1.597 billion shares, and the number […]

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