How blockchain technology is disrupting the Internet

Blockchain technology has three obvious characteristics: openness, security and uniqueness. Publicity means that the information stored in the blockchain is completely public to all participants. This is determined by the Peer to Peer storage method of the blockchain. In the blockchain network, each node can store a copy of the blockchain, and the unique performance […]

How does the US Treasury bond interest rate affect the crypto market?

The U.S. 10-year Treasury bond interest rate suddenly spiked to 1.6%, causing the Nasdaq market and the crypto market to plummet at the same time, and also shaking the market’s confidence in the future trend of Bitcoin prices. Recently, Junhaeng Lee, the founder of South Korean blockchain finance company Streami, wrote about this matter. Based […]

Blockchain Unicorn 3.0, MSVG leads the exchange benchmark

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have long been avoided by traditional financial companies, but now they are increasingly entering the mainstream as an asset and a conventional payment tool. In 2021, the price of Bitcoin in the digital currency market has risen by 70% compared to last year. Compared with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) […]

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