Wingtech intends to jointly acquire the assets of OFILM

On April 13, Wingtech Technology issued an announcement on the progress of the acquisition of OFILM’s assets. The company and Zhuhai Gree Ventures will jointly invest in the acquisition of OFILM’s subsidiaries at a ratio of 7:3. Among them, Wingtech Technology invested 2.1 billion yuan, and Gree Ventures invested 900 million yuan. According to the announcement, […]

Visa announces support for virtual currency

Recently, Bitcoin mining has become a hot topic. Although many people have been skeptical of cryptocurrencies, the reality is that cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look! According to foreign media reports, the global payment giant Visa said on Monday that it will allow the use of encrypted currency stablecoins […]

Selected into the “Niuren Shigekura Selection Index”

Every AI newsletter, Sunsea Intelligent (002313) fell heavily, with a volume ratio greater than 3. The latest report was 10.17 yuan per share, an increase of -0.29%, and an increase of -14.03% this year. The flow of “main capital” today: Today (March 25, 2021), the net inflow of funds is 10,000 yuan, the volume ratio is […]

Bitcoin’s market value reaches $1.12 trillion

The total market value of Bitcoin has now surpassed the Canadian dollar money supply M1 (narrow money supply). According to data provided by Goingecko, the total market value of global cryptocurrencies currently exceeds US$1.8 trillion, and is currently approximately US$1,862,916 million. At the same time, the total market value of Bitcoin exceeded 1.1 trillion U.S. […]

Bitcoin spring is here again?

According to Reuters, after three years of planned suspension, Goldman Sachs is restarting its cryptocurrency trading desk and plans to support bitcoin futures trading again starting next week. Goldman Sachs revealed that institutions are increasingly interested in Bitcoin, so they decided to restart Bitcoin transaction services. At the end of 2017, Goldman Sachs was the […]

Goldman Sachs rushes into the Bitcoin market

On March 2, Capital State learned that, according to people familiar with the matter, Goldman Sachs (GS.US) has restarted the cryptocurrency trading desk and will provide customers with bitcoin futures and non-deliverable forward contracts (NDF) from next week. ) Transaction services. People familiar with the matter said that this team belongs to the bank’s global […]

How does the US Treasury bond interest rate affect the crypto market?

The U.S. 10-year Treasury bond interest rate suddenly spiked to 1.6%, causing the Nasdaq market and the crypto market to plummet at the same time, and also shaking the market’s confidence in the future trend of Bitcoin prices. Recently, Junhaeng Lee, the founder of South Korean blockchain finance company Streami, wrote about this matter. Based […]

Blockchain Unicorn 3.0, MSVG leads the exchange benchmark

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have long been avoided by traditional financial companies, but now they are increasingly entering the mainstream as an asset and a conventional payment tool. In 2021, the price of Bitcoin in the digital currency market has risen by 70% compared to last year. Compared with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) […]

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