Blackstone plans to increase its US $1.1 billion stake in India

Blackstone (87.22, 4.26, 5.14%) said on Monday that it plans to buy another 26% stake in mpasis, an Indian IT outsourcing service provider, for 82.6 billion rupees (US $1.1 billion). Blackstone said it would buy the shares at 1677.16 rupees a share, slightly below mpasis’s closing price of 1696.5 rupees on Friday. In 2016, Blackstone […]

Australian companies reach a $4 billion merger

Australia’s orocobre and Galaxy Resources announced on Monday that they have reached a $4 billion (US $3.1 billion) merger and acquisition agreement. The merged company will become Australia’s largest and the world’s fifth largest lithium miner to better take advantage of the soaring demand for this key material for electric vehicle batteries. In the early […]

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States

The first coinbase on the cryptocurrency exchange officially opened on NASDAQ on Wednesday (13857.8403, -138.26, -0.99% (13857.8403, -138.26, -0.99%) was listed. The stock code “coin” was opened for about 52% on the first day of listing, and the opening price was $381, which once reached 70%. The market value exceeded $100billion, reaching US $112billion at […]

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