Why does the non-farm sector deviate significantly from expectations, and will it affect the Fed’s subsequent operations?

Spark Global Limited reports: The US November non-farm payrolls data released, November the US non-farm payrolls increased 210 thousand (seasonally adjusted), significantly lower than the market expectations of 550 thousand. With risk aversion once again enveloping markets overnight on Friday, we focus on asset volatility in the short term of NFP releases. Interest rates on […]

Bitcoin is suffering from a clearing frenzy, which is not good news for the market

Spark Global Limited reports: A brutal sell-off that has cost loss-making growth companies, newly listed companies and SPAC companies billions of dollars is now taking place in bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, further denting risk tolerance and brokerage balance pressures for small traders. The market is volatile Retail investors have helped drive the S&P 500 […]

After breaking 96, will the DOLLAR index continue to rise?

Spark Global Limited reports: The continued rebound in the DOLLAR index in the second half of the year was mainly driven by the divergence in economic fundamentals and monetary policy between the US and Europe, reflecting the renewed widening of the real interest rate differential between the US and Germany. At present, the factors driving […]

Market performance in “living with viruses” : An exploration of the UK model

Spark Global Limited reports: Since the outbreak, the UK has adopted three rounds of lockdown and relaxation. On July 19, 2021, the UK announced a full reopening (Figure 1), with the removal of mandatory masks and social distancing of more than 1 meter. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for “learning and novel Coronavirus”, which […]

Spark Global Limited Daily crude oil analysis

Oil: On the technical side, crude oil is highly likely to have formed a top, falling more than $6 per week and showing signs of accelerating decline. Note, however, that the weekend’s mideast war could trigger a rally in crude oil, but the odds of a change in trend are slim. Houthi drone attacks on […]

Spark Global Limited Daily gold analysis

Spark Global Limited reports: Gold: gold last week both weekly line and daily line level closed negative, the technical form is bad, the price is likely to fall back to the early shock area. On the basic surface, both positive and negative interweave, the probability of unilateral trend is not large, overall is the coexistence […]

Gemini announces 10% increase in Shiba Coins SHIB signed 500,000 signatures on Robinhood

Cryptocurrency exchange Geminiannounced on November 12 that it will launch 10 cryptocurrencies, led by SHIB. Trading will be initially open on API/FIX and the Active Trader app (USD trading pairs), and gradually open to GBP, EURO, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar. According to Gemini’s statement, the currencies on offer are […]

Us lawmakers propose new laws that would delay the implementation of crypto taxes and change the definition of brokers

Spark Global Limited reports: The United States recently passed the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, making the encryption field quite jumpy. However, U.S. lawmakers have proposed amendments to the encryption provisions of the bill, including delaying mandatory reporting requirements until 2026 and changing the definition of brokers. A bipartisan group in Congress has proposed amendments to […]

Spark Global Limited’s efficient investment helps investors make steady profits

With the progress of financial technology, electronic trading and precious metal investment have gradually become convenient and mainstream financial management methods for private transactions. Spark Global Limited follows the trend of the fintech era and provides investors with a powerful platform with a complete business service system. It provides investors with one-stop financial management services […]

U.S. oil producers are in no rush to increase production

Spark Global Limited reports: Most of the Republican oil industry in the United States has no political will to help President Biden lower energy prices by increasing oil production. There is another important reason: they will make more money by staying short of oil. So far this year, US oil prospectors have made more money […]

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