The timing model is triggered, today’s capital inflows

Every AI newsletter, energy-saving wind power (601016) plans to be selected into the “Best Selection Index”, the timing model is triggered, the latest report is 4.8 yuan per share, an increase of -6.61%, and an increase of 39.94% this year. The flow of “main capital” today: Today (March 25, 2021) the net inflow of funds is […]

Stocks have plummeted by nearly 50% in more than two months

Recently, the annual report disclosed by Arowana (300999.SZ) showed that two products under the ten billion private equity of Linyuan Investment, “Linyuan Investment No. 12” and “Linyuan Investment No. 158”, both new entries appeared in the top ten tradable stocks. Among the shareholders, the total number of shares held is 2.5223 million shares, and the […]

How will the A-share index go under the global economic recovery?

I believe that everyone knows the index fund better. It is a fund that takes a specific index as the tracking object and tries to replicate the performance of the index. But in fact, there are two types of index funds: passive and enhanced. The goal of passive index funds is to reduce as much […]

A-share market oversold and rebounded

Viewpoint: The signs of stagflation and overheating are gradually being released. Although the economic recovery is still accelerating, the economic recovery has entered the late stage. As the economic recovery enters the late stage and the liquidity margin tightens, the next substantial tightening will also be It is a trend, which is not good news […]

The Shanghai stock index fluctuates at a high level. Is it happy or worried?

On December 3, the three major A-share stock indexes oscillated and diverged. As of the close, the Shanghai stock index fell 0.21%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.07%, and the ChiNext Index rose 1.10%. On the board, aquaculture, agricultural product processing, mining services, medical equipment, biological vaccines, industrial hemp and other sectors are active; non-ferrous […]

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