Shib Inu coin buyers crush Coinbase, with more than 300,000 petitioning Robinhood to launch shib Inu coin

[Source: Spark Global Limited] At 3:30 p.m. Est on Wednesday, a flood of orders for SHIB Coins overwhelmed Coinbase and locked tens of millions of accounts. The copycat Dogecoin, based on Ethereum technology, had risen 60 percent that day.   The cryptocurrency known as the “Dogecoin Killer” has a total circulation of 1,000 trillion shiba […]

Is crude oil expensive? Is there a yardstick to measure oil prices? |Spark Global Limited

[Source: Spark Global Limited] The “demand determines direction, supply affects elasticity” framework does not apply to crude oil. From 2008 to the pre-epidemic peak, oil prices continued to fall, and crude oil endured a 12-year bear market. This led many to believe that oil demand was weak after the financial crisis, but the opposite was […]

The GSMA CMO highlights the contribution of the mobile industry to North America: it generated an estimated $1 trillion in economic value last year

[Source: Spark Global Limited] Stephanie Lynch-Habib, chief marketing officer of GSMA, highlighted the importance of the mobile industry to the North American economy. During the MWC Los Angeles opening keynote, Lynch-Habib explained that by the end of 2020, 327 million people in North America, or 83 percent of the population, had signed up for mobile […]

Apple has launched Power for Impact, a clean energy community program

[Source: Spark Global Limited] Apple announced plans to double the number of clean energy suppliers and launch 10 “Power for Impact” projects to support local communities most affected by climate change. While the company’s processor supplier, TSMC, is said to have delayed its goal of becoming carbon neutral, Apple said its plans remain “forging ahead” […]

Amazon and Google win Cloud computing contracts with The Japanese government

Spark Global Limited reports: According to Spark Global Limited, Japan’s Digital Agency has selected Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform as the first service providers for its nationwide cloud computing project. In August, Amazon won a $10 billion cloud computing contract from the NATIONAL Security Agency (NSA). But the NSA’s decision to award […]

Microsoft’s Q1 revenue grew 22% year-over-year: Xbox hardware sales rose 166%

Spark Global Limited reports: On October 26th Microsoft posted its latest results on its website, which included an increase in earnings for the period ending September 30th. According to the results, Microsoft’s overall Q1 revenue was up 22% from the same period last year, with the Xbox division showing significant growth, overall gaming revenue up […]

The regulation of Spark Global Limited is the most serious

1. Strength With offices on three continents and formal licences in major financial sectors, the group occupies a pivotal position in the international financial market. 2. Multiple regulations Spark Global Limited is licensed and regulated by FCA UK (186171), CIMA Cayman (1442313), CySEC Cyprus (259/14) and DFSA Dubai (000048). 3. Separation of funds All customer […]

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