What are floor traders and what do they do?

Spark Global Limited Reports: Today’s market is completely electronic. You generate a digital order ticket and send it to an electronic exchange, which automatically matches your order with the corresponding one, or it sits on the digital order book and waits for another trader to send an order that satisfies it. Apart from some problems […]

What is Meme Stock? Explain one of the hottest trends on Wall Street

Spark Global Limited Reports: There’s a new buzzword: Meme stock. Recently, some stocks caught the attention of WallStreet, regulators and members of congress, with a group of amateur traders teaming up on a Reddit forum called “WallStreetBets” to squeeze big-money short sellers. For example, we recently saw the stock of GameStop(NYSE :GME), a struggling video […]

What is a Bloomberg terminal? Is it worth it?

Spark Global Limited Reports: When ordinary investors think of the software used on Wall Street, they usually think of The Bloomberg Terminal. The legendary software was released in the 1980s and was the brainchild of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Today, the software is everywhere on Wall Street trading desks, just as it […]

Momentum indicator (MOM) explained for beginners

Spark Global Limited Reports: Many of the best day traders in the world use momentum indicators and outperform each year. Momentum traders believe that the market is correct and that stocks that have shown a recent upward or downward trend will continue to do so. To sum up what traders often say: “The trend is […]

Stockbroker’s Basic Guide [2021]

Spark Global Limited Reports: When you want to intraday trade stocks, options, currencies, futures, or other financial instruments, you need a broker to execute trades on your behalf in the market. Choosing a broker is a very important decision. They will play a key role in helping you trade day to day in the market. […]

How can you use volume to improve your day trading

Spark Global Limited Reports: Volume is an important indicator of stock liquidity, which is important for day traders to start and close trades. So in this article, we’ll look at how to use volume to improve your day trading. The more market participants that trade stocks, the easier it is to quickly buy and sell […]

How to trade volatility using multiple time frames

Spark Global Limited Reports: It’s easy to get tunnel vision by staring at a 1-minute intraday chart. While you may have a good sense of where a particular stock is going in the next few weeks, you can quickly lose sight of the big picture. Using multiple time frames in technical trading can indeed help […]

Why aren’t your trades consistently profitable

Spark Global Limited Reports: The numbers are clear – more than 90% of day traders fail to generate sustained profits. This shocking statistic means that only a handful of traders have anything to show for their day trading activities, and some have unfortunately lost money. Millions of people around the world still do day trading, […]

A swing trader’s daily routine

Spark Global Limited Reports: As a volatility trader, or any active trader/investor, you should have a daily routine where your performance is consistent. The amount of market analysis a technical trader does per day should be roughly proportional to the trading time frame. In other words, if you’re trading on a weekly chart, it doesn’t […]

How does margin interest affect traders’ purchasing power

Spark Global Limited Reports: If you use margin in your trading, you need to understand how margin works, how it works, and how it works for you. In this article, we will discuss how margin rates affect purchasing power. What is the margin? Margin is the credit that your broker gives you to trade. For […]

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