Shilan’s Micro net profit reached a single quarter high

Semi annual performance report of Shilan micro: in the first half of 2021, the total operating revenue of the company was 3.308 billion yuan and the net profit was 421 million yuan, which significantly turned losses into profits. Main sources of income: electronic components account for about 50% and integrated circuits account for about 30%. […]

Gem index rose 0.32%

The three major A-share indexes opened mixed, with the Shanghai index opening 0.15% lower, the Shenzhen Composite Index opening 0.02% higher and the gem index opening 0.32% higher. On the disk, hydrogen energy, environmental protection, natural gas and other sectors led the increase, while salt lake lithium extraction, fluorine chemical industry, seed industry and other […]

A shares become the only asset that can be over allocated

It’s time for mainstream insurance institutions to publish their monthly investment reports. The reporter of Shanghai Securities News learned yesterday that it can be seen from the monthly investment reports issued by a number of mainstream insurance institutions to institutional investors that among many major asset allocation varieties, a shares are the only investment category […]

The reputation crisis of Xiaomi and Lei Jun and the first in the world

On the evening of August 10, Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi group, made bold remarks at the new product launch. However, the market does not seem to buy it. 01 Embarrassing three consecutive falls Growth outlook and hardware manufacturer attributes LAOCAI On August 11, Xiaomi’s share price closed at HK $26.850 / share, […]

Gem index fell 0.68%

The three major A-share indexes collectively opened low, with the Shanghai index down 0.28%, the Shenzhen composite index down 0.32% and the gem down 0.68%. On the disk, energy storage, UHV, titanium dioxide and other sectors led the rise, while coal, steel, semiconductor and other sectors led the decline. This morning, the Hang Seng Index […]

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