100 billion private placement

With the continuous disclosure of the semi annual report, the latest position trend of private placement leaders began to surface. On the evening of July 29, new energy vehicle parts enterprise Xusheng Co., Ltd. and aerospace military industry concept western superconductor both disclosed their semi annual reports, which were increased by Deng Xiaofeng and Feng […]

Morning review: the Shanghai stock index fell 0.40%

A shares three index collective low open, stock index fell 0.40%, Shenzhen index fell 0.22%, gem index fell 0.16%, on the disk, coal, nonferrous metals, electricity and other plate gains, tourist attractions, Baijiu, automobile, and other plate decline. This morning, the Hang Seng Index fell 1.04% to 26042.82, the state-owned enterprise index fell 1.37%, and […]

Gem index rose more than 4%

A shares were significantly higher than the three indexes, the strong rise in the morning index index, the gem index rose by 3.7%, breaking 3400 points, Baijiu, insurance and other weight plates weaken the Shanghai stock index, the strong strong Shanghai weak pattern is more obvious. In early trading, technology stocks rebounded collectively, semiconductors and […]

Gem index rose 5%

A shares opened higher today, and the lithium battery plate lifted the limit tide in the afternoon. Nearly 40 shares such as Xingyun shares, Jiayu shares, haimuxing, Xinwangda and huazi technology rose by the limit or more than 10%. Baijiu shares weakened again in the afternoon and the liquor industry fell more than 6%. Military […]

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