New sales regulations are implemented, financial management changes the face of all beings

With the formal implementation of the new regulations, some bank wealth management subsidiaries have successively adjusted their wealth management sales documents, and at the same time added a suggestive description and calculation basis in terms of performance comparison benchmarks. On June 28, a reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily found that the adjusted banking institutions’ […]

What are the prospects for the development of taxpayers? Is the issuing agency reliable?

To take a new certificate, the reliability and development prospects of the certificate must be our biggest concern. The reliability of the certificate is inseparable from the trustworthiness of the issuing authority, and the development prospects are closely related to market demand! So today, Mr. Wang from Youlu Finance and Economics will take you to […]

Trader’s studio

Summer is here, and now is the season to drink beer, but in the secondary market, liquor stocks are still highly resilient, and many individual stocks have reached new highs before the Spring Festival. Gao Zhi believes that this is related to the recent continuous launch of seller reports by brokers. 20 years of experience […]

The average wage of 16 is coming out! How about Jiangsu breaking the 100000 mark for the first time?

Beijing, June 29 (Wu Xiaowei) – in July, housing provident fund may usher in a new round of adjustment. Some units adjust their provident fund payment base for employees according to their monthly average salary in the previous natural year. According to the incomplete statistics of Zhongxin Jingwei client, the average wage in 2020 has […]

Yu Yongding: China’s problem is not inflation. Fiscal and monetary policies should be more expansionary

Yu Yongding, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said a few days ago that China’s current macroeconomic situation is facing quite severe challenges and is far from the stage when it is necessary to withdraw from expansionary fiscal and monetary policies. Moreover, he suggested that more expansionary fiscal and […]

In the first half of the year, the world was the first in the world. Why did foreign investment withdraw from Vietnam stock market?

On the latest trading day, June 25, 2021, Vietnam’s VN index rose 0.75% to 1390.12, a record high. In the first half of this year, Vietnam’s stock market rose the most in the world. As of June 26, 2021, Vietnam index (Hanoi all index) rose by 56.7%, and Ho Chi Minh index rose by 25.9%. […]

Huaxia happiness debt robbery: the founder paid 9 billion to bail out, and the second shareholder Ping’an gave up blood transfusion

Ship hit the rocks, survival or destruction, perhaps only in a moment. Over the past six months, China has been facing a critical moment of life and death. How to deal with hundreds of billions of debt is the most urgent problem in front of this Hebei 100 billion real estate enterprise. Multiple sources confirmed […]

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