After the victory of American retail investors over Wall Street

  In the morning of January 29, Beijing time, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, posted an article on social networking site twitter, pointing out that “shorting is a fraud”.   Musk tweeted, “you can’t sell houses that don’t belong to you, you can’t sell cars that don’t belong to you, but you can sell stocks […]

Can 1499 yuan really win Maotai? Shenzhen consumer committee reminds: not necessarily!

According to the official account of the Shenzhen Consumer Council January 27th evening, recently, the activities of “purchasing members to accumulate points and rob Moutai” by the major e-commerce platforms have attracted many consumers’ participation. Consumers need to open platform members to obtain the qualification of rush buying, but this does not mean that they […]

Jia Yueting really wants to return home? It’s impossible

Faraday future (FF), far away from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, is frequently reported to have “returned home” earlier than its founder Jia Yueting.   According to media reports, Zhuhai SASAC may participate in the latest round of financing of FF, while Geely Group, Gree Group and HUAFA group are rumored to participate […]

Behind the industry chain of buying shoe trucks: the post-95 era leads the change of consumption trend

“Middle aged people speculate in stocks, young people speculate in shoes and currency”, this sentence has been more and more well known. This generation of young people’s ability to consume trends is better than before, and more and more people see the potential behind this market.   The hot domestic shoe market, let Malin see […]

Zhuhai Hengqin New District insiders: currently in contact with Faraday’s future intention, a joint venture will be set up in the future

The reporter of kechuangban daily learned from the insiders of Hengqin New Area in Zhuhai that the relevant departments of Zhuhai City are negotiating with Faraday for FF financing and landing cooperation in the future. “We are in preliminary contact, and the specific details are being discussed. SASAC will coordinate the capital injection. According to […]

Brazilian President: the Chinese government quickly approved the export of active ingredients of vaccines

(observer network news) for a long time, Brazilian president bosonaro has been regarded as a “Hawk” to China, not only following Trump’s government’s attitude on Huawei issue, but also opposing Brazil’s use of Chinese vaccine due to political struggle and other issues.   On January 25 local time, bosonaro publicly thanks the Chinese government for […]

White House spokesman: Biden will treat Sino US relations with “patience”

text / Observer: Zhang chenjing] after the new US President Biden takes office, what kind of China policy will be formulated has become the focus of the outside world. At the White House press conference on January 25, reporters asked questions about it, while White House spokesman Jen psaki said three times that Biden hoped […]

Earn nearly 100 million a day! Zhumao’s performance against the sky

On the evening of January 25, according to the performance forecast disclosed by muyuan Co., Ltd., the pig leader, the company is expected to make 27-29 billion yuan in 2020, and the non net profit is expected to reach 30-32 billion yuan.   The 2020 performance forecast disclosed by a number of pig enterprises also […]

Bear bull market? Maotai and Shanghai stock index set a new high

In January 25th, the market trend was still obvious. The major stock indexes rose, but the performance of the stocks was cool. In all A shares, more than 3000 stocks fell, and the number of companies falling down to 24. The Baijiu plate continued to lead, and Moutai hit a new high.   By the […]

Australian Trade Minister wants to talk with China

New Australian Trade Minister Dan tehan said in an interview on the 23rd that he had written to senior Chinese officials in the hope of providing an opportunity to break the current deadlock, ABC reported on the 24th.   There is speculation that tehan’s letter to senior Chinese officials may try to repair the relationship […]

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