Before the chairman of Gree real estate was put

Gree real estate (600185. SH) opened the word limit, triggered the company’s share price plummeted last night is its announcement. According to the disclosure of Gree real estate on the evening of December 30, Lu Junsi, chairman of the company, received the “Notice of investigation” from the CSRC. Because he was suspected of insider trading […]

Who is responsible for being defrauded of 6 million yuan

Celebrity rollover, regulatory overweight, live e-commerce industry is ushering in a “changing day”. Due to the “bird’s nest” incident, the fast brother Kwai Simba and his 27 family anchors account for 15 days to 60 days. The Simba team is also involved in the “Live Room Telecom fraud” incident and is cooperating with the police […]

Behind Xueba is the collapse of online education

At the end of 2020, another online education company will fall. According to AI financial news agency, a xuebajun educational administration director said in a circle of friends that he was informed on the afternoon of December 26 that part of xuebajun had been acquired, which was equivalent to bankruptcy, and all teachers, head teachers […]

Behind the Fall of “Papa Jack Ma”

The New York Times: Behind the Fall of “Papa Jack Ma” “Papa Jack Ma,” once regarded as a representative of China’s economic development and a model entrepreneur, encountered interviews, suspension of IPOs, and antitrust investigations in less than a year. Behind this series of changes is the increasing gap between the rich and the poor […]

Trump refuses to sign stimulus bill

Financial Times: Trump’s refusal to sign the stimulus bill may cause the government to shut down Trump, who is on vacation in Florida, has previously stated that he will veto the US$900 billion stimulus bill passed by the two parties in Congress unless he directly sends US$2,000 to each American. Democrats attempted to amend the […]

The first digital RMB insurance policy is here

The reporter learned from ZhongAn Insurance that in November this year, ZhongAn Insurance and China Construction Bank launched the cooperation of digital renminbi in online insurance scenarios. The first digital renminbi insurance policy was issued by consumers through the ZhongAn Insurance app. Enjoy the 2020 version of eHealth products. ZhongAn Insurance said that some pilot […]

Demystifying the black property behind online fraud

Thinking that I met love around the corner on the Internet, I fell into the “slaughterhouse” of love. Slaughter plate scams are not new, but victims still appear repeatedly. CCTV recently reported that in April this year, the Changzhou police in Jiangsu Province received an alarm. Ms. Wu said that her boyfriend she met on […]

The two giants reached a cooperation

With the rapid development of electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles in recent years, electric vehicle-related parts suppliers are also stepping up the integration of market resources. South Korea’s LG Electronics announced yesterday that it will establish a joint venture with Canadian auto parts supplier Magna to produce Core components of electric vehicles. LG […]

Wuyishan coins began to be exchanged

Wuyishan Coin is officially issued Newly added binding version starts at 28 yuan The Wuyishan ordinary commemorative coin issued this time has a denomination of 5 yuan, and the style continues the rounded square of the Taishan coin. The material is brass alloy. The number of issued is 120 million, of which 100 million are […]

Red Star Macalline’s 8th Global Home Furnishing Industry Joint Summit was held

On December 20, the annual home furnishing event-2020 Red Star Macalline’s 8th Global Home Furnishing Industry Joint Summit was held grandly in Beijing. Hundreds of guests from industry associations, representatives of global home furnishing companies and the media gathered together. Discuss cooperation and friendship together, seek common development and talk about the future together. Zhang […]

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