The knowledge management platform of the new era contains elements

The first quarter of 2021 is coming to an end. Affected by the epidemic, many companies have temporarily postponed their aggressive market sales, and instead hibernate, concentrating on summarizing, studying, and researching, and waiting for new opportunities after the market recovers. As a result, the knowledge management platform of the collaborative office management OA system is […]

300,000 cash, don’t deposit “regular” in the bank anymore

Chinese residents have always liked deposits. At present, the overall domestic savings rate is as high as 45%, which means that the overall savings rate has only fallen by 5% during the 10-year development. It can be seen how reliable the money bags of domestic residents are, especially after the epidemic, more people have a […]

American retail investors shake the world

The war ignited by US retail investors and Wall Street bears around the “game station” of US stocks is still burning wildly, and now it is still “silver”.   Recently, on the Wall Street bets forum in the United States, a retail investor with the user name of “jjalj30” called on everyone to focus on […]

Securities companies: the most panic time has passed

CITIC Securities: trillion will be released soon, and the slow rise will continue in February   The central bank’s short-term adjustment of liquidity is not equal to a comprehensive turn, and the market overreacts. In the first quarter, domestic monetary policy does not have the conditions for a comprehensive turn, and the central bank is […]

Real gold and silver invest in their own funds to open the tide of self purchase

Since the beginning of this year, fund companies have spent 300 million yuan to buy their own funds. In addition, many star fund managers have bought their own funds, such as Zhonggeng fund Qiu Dongrong and Huaxia Fund Cai Xiangyang. From the past data, many fund companies get a lot of profits through self purchase. […]

Zhou Dafu’s nearly 50000 yuan bracelet and more than 7000 yuan were photographed

After the Oolong price incident on Apple’s official website, another brand was pulled out of wool, but this time it was gold! A few days ago, some users said that the official flagship store of zhoudafu Taobao had a “gold sale”! For the gold bracelet with a price of nearly 50000 yuan, the actual payment […]

The Causes of the Debt Risk of Real Estate Enterprises

The debt risk of real estate companies has a lot to do with the real estate industry attributes and high leverage operation mode. Since a large amount of funds are needed to purchase land, demolition and resettlement, and cover construction costs in the early stage of real estate development, the capital chain is regarded as […]

Health code on mobile phones

In order to cooperate with the prevention and control of the epidemic, in addition to masks, another essential thing for people to travel today is the health code on their mobile phones, especially for people who need to travel in different places. Whenever you go, you often have to use various methods, download APP, or […]

Does 4 times LPR apply to financial institutions?

Ping An Bank’s Wenzhou branch, which has recently attracted much attention from the financial market, has reversed its final trial in the financial loan contract dispute. On the 12th, the Wenzhou Intermediate People’s Court announced that in a financial loan contract dispute with the borrower Hong, the loan interest rate of Ping An Bank’s Wenzhou […]

Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?

Spark Global LTD Review 0.9 Spark Global LTD information Website: Owner: SPARK GLOBAL LTD Address: 3 / F, Wing Tat Business Building, 97 Bonham East Street, Sheung Wan Email:   Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?   The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the […]

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