Facebook tells us about the controversy surrounding big tech

Spark global limited reports: By ignoring the controversy, Facebook and Netflix sent a signal to investors For a variety of reasons, big tech companies are under attack both internally and externally. For a variety of reasons, investors keep telling us they’re not as excited as the public about the various controversies facing the FAANG Group […]

The Us Federal Reserve is about to rein in its money printing — what does that mean for markets?

Spark Global Limited Reports: Before we get started this morning, a quick reminder: ON October 20, I’ll be hosting a webinar with Roland Arnold, manager of blackRock’s Small Company Investment trust. We discuss his views on the prospects for small businesses in the UK in the context of current supply chain disruptions and the reopening […]

DWAC update: Meme stock crowd looks to push Trump’s SPAC to the moon

BY CLINT RAINEY2 MINUTE READ Donald Trump’s New Business Venture, Trump Media & Technology Group, is full of investor Red Flags: It has no products or operations yet, claims a $1.7 billion valuation despite having no fundamentals, Is named after someone who’s been blacklisted by most banks, has already been hacked, May violate its own […]

DWAC dips 10% after short-seller Iceberg bets against stock

Spark Global Limited reports: Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), the special purpose acquisition which plans to take former President Donald Trump’s social media venture public slid 10% on Monday afternoon after short-seller Iceberg Research announced it was betting against the stock. “We are short $DWAC,” wrote Iceberg Research in a tweet. DWAC shares […]

India’s energy crisis has led to the withdrawal of several major carmakers

Spark Global Limited reports: Recent worldwide energy crisis, the wind is blowing the India, after a new wave, India’s economy recovering, electricity demand also follow increased significantly, but the rising price of coal, let this 75% power depend on the coal economy by “urgent” of coal, make up the “electricity”, the edge in a blackout. […]

Stock market update: Stock futures were higher ahead of tech earnings

Spark global limited reports: Stock futures pointed to a slightly higher open Monday morning as investors awaited a slew of earnings reports from big technology companies, as well as a slew of other industries this week. After hitting a record high on Friday, the Dow Jones industrial average is set to open higher, building on […]

Green finance will be by far the most powerful tool of financial repression

Spark Global Limited reports: The government has introduced “green savings bonds” that offer investors a yield of just 0.65 per cent. But in many ways this pitiful return is what “green” finance is all about. John Stepek explains why. NS&I has just launched a “green” savings bond. This is terrible value. You’d be foolish to […]

On housing price volatility and asset price correction

Spark Global Limited reports: Adam Posen: Thank you for your rich insight from your own perspective and that of your colleagues. I would also like to ask you some important questions about financial stability and financial innovation. Of course, since you’re at the New York Fed, your knowledge of these issues is pretty good. So, […]

About emerging technologies and digital currencies

Spark Global Limited reports: Adam Posen: Thank you for your honest and clear answer. I have one last question. Central bank digital currency has attracted a lot of attention, and I know that many attendees of the Bund Financial Summit are involved in fintech and innovation. Central banks have mixed views on this, with some […]

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