How to trade volatility using multiple time frames

Spark Global Limited Reports: It’s easy to get tunnel vision by staring at a 1-minute intraday chart. While you may have a good sense of where a particular stock is going in the next few weeks, you can quickly lose sight of the big picture. Using multiple time frames in technical trading can indeed help […]

Effective day trading exit strategies

Spark Global Limited Reports: Making a profit on day trading is not easy. You need to get your timing, execution and exit right, or you will lose money by paying bid/asking spreads and commissions. In the trading book, most of the focus is on your entry price. Should you enter the market on a pullback, […]

The biggest mistake you can make in background testing

Spark Global Limited Reports: Reverse testing tests trading strategies against historical data. It provides traders and analysts with a research tool to test their current strategies, find new ones, or figure out which factors contribute most to their success. Most background testing is done in code, using libraries from languages like Python and R, so […]

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