On March 24, the Hang Seng Index closed down 2.03%

Every AI Express: At 16:00 on March 24th, Beijing time, the Hang Seng Index closed down 579.24 points, or 2.03%, to close at 27918.14 points; the State-owned Enterprise Index closed down 263.2 points, or 2.37%, to close at 10847.98 points; red The chip index closed down 54.2 points, or 1.32%, to close at 4,06.49 points. The net […]

3 billion acquisitions promote a surge in goodwill!

Judging from the comparison of the assets of the two parties, the scale of Wanlihong is larger than that of Orient. The inquiry letter requested Orient Zhongke to explain the possible impact of this transaction on the determination of the company’s equity structure and control rights, and to further demonstrate whether this transaction constitutes a […]

An unprecedented scene in the U.S. bond market

Powell’s dovish remarks failed to save the bond market, and U.S. bond yields continued to soar intraday. Powell’s “stand-by” attitude also made everyone stare at whether the U.S. debt will set a record today. During Powell’s speech, the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield rose by more than 8 basis points in the short-term, breaking the daily […]

Head venture capital issues bonds to support technological innovation

On March 3, two leading venture capital companies, Shanghai Science and Technology Venture Capital Group and Zhongguancun Development Group, disclosed their issuance announcements on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and filed for the issuance of technology innovation bonds totaling 1.5 billion yuan. Shanghai Kechuang Investment Group plans to issue 21 Kechuang K1 (175828.SH) with a term […]

How blockchain technology is disrupting the Internet

Blockchain technology has three obvious characteristics: openness, security and uniqueness. Publicity means that the information stored in the blockchain is completely public to all participants. This is determined by the Peer to Peer storage method of the blockchain. In the blockchain network, each node can store a copy of the blockchain, and the unique performance […]

Jiusheng Electric Chong IPO

With the continuous deepening of the national “One Belt One Road” policy, the urbanization rate has steadily increased, and the scale of the wire and cable industry has gradually expanded. A few days ago, Jiusheng Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiusheng Electric) GEM listing prospectus was accepted by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In […]

Goldman Sachs rushes into the Bitcoin market

On March 2, Capital State learned that, according to people familiar with the matter, Goldman Sachs (GS.US) has restarted the cryptocurrency trading desk and will provide customers with bitcoin futures and non-deliverable forward contracts (NDF) from next week. ) Transaction services. People familiar with the matter said that this team belongs to the bank’s global […]

Research on the performance of listed companies

During the period of intensive disclosure of the performance forecast or annual report of listed companies, investors are most afraid to step on the “performance mine”, and the regulatory authorities also focus on such companies with “erratic” performance. Statistics show that after 2386 listed companies released their 2020 performance forecasts, as of February 3, the […]

Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi detained, market shock, a shares how to go

Myanmar’s senior minister Aung San Suu Kyi, President Wen Min and some senior officials of the NLD have been detained by the military, a spokesman for the NLD said Monday, according to Xinhua. Tensions between Myanmar’s civilian government and military have escalated in recent days due to what the military calls “election fraud,” Reuters reported, […]

Earn nearly 100 million a day! Zhumao’s performance against the sky

On the evening of January 25, according to the performance forecast disclosed by muyuan Co., Ltd., the pig leader, the company is expected to make 27-29 billion yuan in 2020, and the non net profit is expected to reach 30-32 billion yuan.   The 2020 performance forecast disclosed by a number of pig enterprises also […]

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