On March 24, the Hang Seng Index closed down 2.03%

Every AI Express: At 16:00 on March 24th, Beijing time, the Hang Seng Index closed down 579.24 points, or 2.03%, to close at 27918.14 points; the State-owned Enterprise Index closed down 263.2 points, or 2.37%, to close at 10847.98 points; red The chip index closed down 54.2 points, or 1.32%, to close at 4,06.49 points. The net […]

The Sino-U.S. talks are helpful, and the two sides can cooperate in some areas.

The Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue has ended. Although the opening remarks of the two sides are quite gunpowder, according to a Reuters report on the 20th, a senior US government official said that the meeting was “helpful.” “I do think that (through dialogue) we have more information than before, which will be helpful.” The official […]

Comprehensive upgrade of the Yiren Wealth brand

The Yiren Wealth “Upward and Upward” brand upgrade conference was held in the form of a unique cloud release. Yiren Wealth officially unveiled with a new visual system and released the new slogan “Yiren, Best, Wonderful and Unlimited”. Yiren Wealth is a digital wealth management service platform of Yiren Jinke (NYSE: YRD), a global fintech […]

Noah Fortune will lose 745 million yuan in 2020

Noah Wealth (NOAH.NYSE) released an unaudited financial report stating that in 2020, net income was 3.306 billion yuan, down 2.5% year-on-year; the net loss attributable to shareholders for the whole year was 745 million yuan, and the profit in 2019 was 829 million yuan. Source: Noah Wealth Announcement The financial report shows that in 2020, […]

Shareholders eat “soil”, Moutai continues to be reduced

The Central Meteorological Station issued a sandstorm warning upgraded news, 12 provinces and cities in the north have a large range of yellow sand, but also eat the soil of the entire stock market. Yesterday, the two stock indexes started lower, Shanghai index once pulled up in the red, closed just managed to hold 3400 […]

Common people: assets hidden worries

Recently, the common people (603883.SH) issued a fixed increase plan, intended to raise no more than 1.74 billion yuan, which is the largest fundraising since the listing of the company. The fundraising will help reduce the company’s asset-liability ratio and ease the financial strain, but at the same time, the company’s controlling shareholders have completed […]

Good team to build a good fund!

It is reported that xingquan hui hong a year holding period of hybrid fund is issued, it will be through flexible allocation of stocks and bonds, and strive to achieve controllable overall volatility, while fighting for equity assets to bring appreciation opportunities, committed to become the “ballaststone” of family wealth. The era of asset allocation […]

Bitcoin’s market value reaches $1.12 trillion

The total market value of Bitcoin has now surpassed the Canadian dollar money supply M1 (narrow money supply). According to data provided by Goingecko, the total market value of global cryptocurrencies currently exceeds US$1.8 trillion, and is currently approximately US$1,862,916 million. At the same time, the total market value of Bitcoin exceeded 1.1 trillion U.S. […]

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