How to Use chaijin Oscillator (CO)

Spark Global Limited Reports: What is a Chaikin oscillator? The Chaikin oscillator (CO), also known as the Chaikin indicator, is the strength of a trader’s analysis of a price trend based on volume. This oscillator is represented by a chart: the divergence between this indicator and the price trend indicates that most traders lack confidence […]

Day trading limits: Everything you need to know

Spark Global Limited Reports: Thanks to technological advances, trading stocks is now easier than ever. Most brokerage firms allow day traders to trade stocks via the Internet, phone or even smartphones. However, while the process of buying and selling stocks is easy, you can still be locked in trades or miss out on an excellent […]

How can you use volume to improve your day trading

Spark Global Limited Reports: Volume is an important indicator of stock liquidity, which is important for day traders to start and close trades. So in this article, we’ll look at how to use volume to improve your day trading. The more market participants that trade stocks, the easier it is to quickly buy and sell […]

Can you short a stock under 5 dollars?

Spark Global Limited Reports: Stocks trading below $5 are considered bargains. However, unlike stocks under $20 or $10, stocks under $5 are classified differently by the SEC. According to the SECURITIES and Exchange Commission, any stock priced below $5 a share, whether listed on an exchange or traded on the pink Sheet market or over-the-counter […]

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