Behind the limit of the original Rongan Real Estate

Zhejiang Ningbo real estate developer Rongan Real Estate suffered a catastrophe in the A-share market today-the company’s share price gapped sharply and opened close to -7%, and then went down. It was hit to the limit at 10 o’clock and blocked the -10% limit. , Seems to have encountered some bad news, and the capital […]

CITIC Securities Annual Report

CITIC Securities (600030.SH) released the first annual report after the consolidation of Guangzhou Securities. The data shows that the company’s operating income in 2020 was 54.383 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.06%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 14.902 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.86%; the net profit […]

Common people: assets hidden worries

Recently, the common people (603883.SH) issued a fixed increase plan, intended to raise no more than 1.74 billion yuan, which is the largest fundraising since the listing of the company. The fundraising will help reduce the company’s asset-liability ratio and ease the financial strain, but at the same time, the company’s controlling shareholders have completed […]

Australia’s second largest pension fund

ACB News, March 16, Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick has announced the approval of the merger of QSuper and Sunsuper, bringing the two funds together to create Australia’s second largest pension fund. QSuper and Sunsuper began talks on the merger in 2019 and signed a memorandum of understanding in March last year. QSuper, which has about […]

The family called the police for help and quickly arrived

Flags at the White House are flying at half-staff for the fifth day in a row. Remember, a month ago, the day before Biden was sworn in, he made a special trip to mourn the 400,000 Americans who had died of the epidemic, saying: In order to heal, we must remember. A month later, the […]

The grand jury decided not to indict a policeman

To the family’s fury, they called the police for help, only to find that the police came and killed Proud.The police also tried to hide the truth, saying all along that Proud had died of a drug overdose. It was only in September, under pressure from lawyers, that the police department had to release the […]

People familiar said discussions are continuing

After Trump’s ouster, China and the United States have seen some new turns of events. The U.S. government asked a federal court to suspend the TikTok ban China Central Television (CCTV) — The Biden administration on Thursday asked a federal court to suspend a ban on the overseas version of TikTok so that the mobile […]

As permanent members of the UN Security Council

Currently, China-US relations are at an important juncture, Xi said.To promote the sound and steady development of China-US relations is the common aspiration of the two peoples and the international community.You said the greatest thing about America is possibility.It is hoped that this possibility will now move in a direction conducive to the improvement of […]

China’s gold consumption of 820.98 tons decreased

In 2020, China’s gold consumption of 820.98 tons decreased by 18.13% year on year China will consume 820.98 tons of gold in 2020, down 18.13 percent from the same period in 2019, the China Gold Association said today.Among them, gold jewelry consumption was 490.58 tons, down 27.45% year on year;246.59 tons of gold bars and […]

Vegetable prices across the country go up seasonally

The Measures for the Supervision of Internet Insurance Business will take effect on February 1 Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission news, from February 1, “Internet insurance business supervision measures” formally implemented.The Measures strengthen the principle of licensing, and make it clear that Internet insurance business should be carried out by insurance institutions established according to […]

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