Cryptocurrency inflows have dropped sharply

According to a report released by CoinShares, cryptocurrency investment products attracted a total of $108 million in revenue in the first week of March, compared with $395 million in the last week of February. The report mentioned that weekly cryptocurrency inflows have fallen to the lowest level since January 2021. Last week, Bitcoin, the world’s […]

Smith Barney Apparel under Heavy Pressure

On the evening of February 28, Smith Barney announced that it plans to withdraw 366 million yuan of asset impairment reserves for 2020, which will reduce the net profit attributable to the parent company in 2020 by 366 million yuan. While assets are impaired, the performance of Smith Barney is not optimistic. The former leading […]

There are also media reports that Tencent’s

According to a media report on Feb. 8, Tencent announced the Sunshine Award today, and each Tencent employee will receive 100 shares of Tencent stock, which will be lifted for one year.If calculated at current prices, 100 shares of Tencent’s market value is about 74,000 Hong Kong dollars, or about 61,000 yuan.The award is also […]

Automobile industry has become the “arena” of technology giants

From China to the United States, technology companies and automobile companies are accelerating their cooperation in the development of automatic driving technology. In the future, the competition in the automotive field will evolve into an arena for technology giants. In the United States, technology giants including apple and Microsoft have begun to set foot in […]

Unfair housing and low income? Must talk about our distribution

In traditional economics and Western economic systems, there are two concepts: First, the first-level income distribution is determined by your salary. Second, in order to make up for the malformation of the distribution, it is necessary to carry out a second distribution through progressive income tax, charging the rich a little more tax, compared with the […]

The U.S. government has another “black hand” against 11 Chinese companies

The current US president has only five days left, but the Trump administration’s suppression of Chinese companies has not stopped, and the “last madness” is still being staged. On January 14, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce “blocked” 9 Chinese companies and 2 Chinese companies. According to Reuters, nine more Chinese companies […]

International market share set the best record in history

Despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China’s import and export scale will still hit a record high in 2020. On January 14, at the annual economic data conference held by the Information Office of the State Council, Li Kuiwen, spokesperson of the General Administration of Customs and Director of the Statistical Analysis […]

Behind Xueba is the collapse of online education

At the end of 2020, another online education company will fall. According to AI financial news agency, a xuebajun educational administration director said in a circle of friends that he was informed on the afternoon of December 26 that part of xuebajun had been acquired, which was equivalent to bankruptcy, and all teachers, head teachers […]

Behind the Fall of “Papa Jack Ma”

The New York Times: Behind the Fall of “Papa Jack Ma” “Papa Jack Ma,” once regarded as a representative of China’s economic development and a model entrepreneur, encountered interviews, suspension of IPOs, and antitrust investigations in less than a year. Behind this series of changes is the increasing gap between the rich and the poor […]

Trump refuses to sign stimulus bill

Financial Times: Trump’s refusal to sign the stimulus bill may cause the government to shut down Trump, who is on vacation in Florida, has previously stated that he will veto the US$900 billion stimulus bill passed by the two parties in Congress unless he directly sends US$2,000 to each American. Democrats attempted to amend the […]

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