Haro’s travel layout self-developed two-wheeled

After several years of development, the shared bicycles on the street have become a good helper for many friends in their short commutes. From the colorful “color war” in the early development of this industry, to the gradual spread of strong supervision, and the disappearance of many platforms, now there are only a few top brands […]

Excessive rate hike and throw away the “black hat”

Raising interest rates too fast, throwing away the black hat, the currency has depreciated more than 50% in 3 years, and it just collapsed again In response to inflation, the Central Bank of Turkey announced an interest rate hike of 200 basis points to 19% on March 18, far exceeding market expectations. However, the country’s […]

Wall Street debates Biden’s $1.9 trillion release

Economists on Wall Street are debating whether Biden’s “draft” is enough to trigger sustained inflation. Now that Biden’s $1.9 trillion fiscal stimulus plan is a foregone conclusion, stimulus funds will be injected into the economy and the market at any time. Economists on Wall Street are debating whether Biden’s “draft” is sufficient to trigger sustained […]

Biden’s big release will “save” US stocks?

Biden’s big release will “save” US stocks? Goldman Sachs predicts that huge amounts of family money will flood into the stock market According to the Associated Press (Shanghai, Editor Wu Bin), despite the recent decline in the U.S. stock market, funds continue to enter the stock market. Goldman Sachs expects that follow-up ammunition will continue. […]

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