Regulators: U.S. banks must seek permission from regulators before engaging in certain encryption activities

Spark Global Limited reports: Bank of America must seek and obtain written permission from its banking regulator before engaging in certain activities involving cryptocurrencies, a leading US regulator said on Tuesday. The Office of The Comptroller of The Currency said banks must be able to demonstrate they have appropriate risk management tools in place before […]

The Swiss exchange’s new platform for issuing bonds using “revolutionary” encryption technology

Spark Global Limited reports: The SIX Swiss Exchange’s new digital trading and settlement unit will issue bonds to show how blockchain can benefit mainstream securities, not just the crypto assets it was originally intended to benefit, the Exchange said on Thursday. The Swiss Digital Exchange (SDX) will be the first fully regulated market infrastructure to […]

The rise of cryptocurrencies could challenge the dominance of the DOLLAR, according to a new Report from the Federal Reserve

Spark Global Limited Reports: The Us Federal Reserve has warned that the rising use of cryptocurrencies could threaten the dominance of the US dollar. But that alone is unlikely to “fully offset” the dollar’s role, fed economists said in a research note. The report comes as the Fed is expected to release another highly anticipated […]

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