Air Canada and government reach an agreement

Air Canada reached an agreement with the federal government on Monday local time on a long-awaited aid plan that will enable the company to receive up to 5.9 billion Canadian dollars (about 4.69 billion US dollars). This is the largest outbreak related rescue agreement ever reached between the Canadian government and a company, after the […]

Wen yuanzhixing is allowed to travel in California

The California motor vehicle administration announced on Monday that Chinese self driving start-up weride has been granted permission to conduct automatic driving tests on public roads in California without a safe driver. In January this year, Wenyuan Zhixing was approved to officially start the automatic driving test in Haizhu District of Guangzhou.   Other companies […]

Three departments: forced implementation of “one out of two”

On April 13, the State Administration of market supervision, together with the central office of information technology and the State Administration of Taxation, held an administrative guidance meeting for Internet platform enterprises. The meeting implemented the deployment of the central economic work conference and the ninth meeting of the central financial and Economic Commission, affirmed […]

Japan decides to discharge nuclear sewage into the sea

The Japanese government officially decided on the 13th that the nuclear sewage from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will be filtered and diluted before being discharged into the sea. South Korea responded quickly. According to Yonhap news agency, the South Korean government held an emergency meeting of undersecretals (vice ministers) of relevant departments on […]

Digital currency exchange Coinbase plans to go public

The digital currency exchange Coinbase (stock code: COIN) recently announced that it plans to list directly on the Nasdaq in the United States around April 14, 2021. Prior to this, Spotify, Slack, Asana and Palantir, etc., all adopted the “direct listing” model, and the listing location was the New York Stock Exchange. Coinbase will become […]

Everbright Bank said it has strong confidence

    After achieving a reduction in both the NPL balance and NPL ratio in 2020, at the performance briefing held on March 29, the management of Everbright Bank was also quite confident in this year’s asset quality. As of the end of 2020, China Everbright Bank’s (601818.SH, 06818.HK) non-performing loan balance was 41.666 billion […]

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