Amazon’s “Lord of the rings” TV series shooting

Amazon (3379.09, 46.09, 1.38%) will receive more taxpayer subsidies from New Zealand for the production of the Lord of the rings TV series, which is expected to become the most expensive TV series ever.   New Zealand’s economic development minister Stuart Nash said on Friday that Amazon expects to spend NZ $650 million (US $465 […]

“Female stock god” listed on the first day of coinbase

Cathy wood’s Ark investment fund bought nearly $250 million worth of shares in the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange on its first day of listing in coinbase on Wednesday. According to the data disclosed by the company, ark innovation ETF, ark financial technology innovation ETF and ark new generation Internet ETF bought a total of 749205 […]

New car sales in Europe increased year on year in March

New car registrations in Europe rose 87.3 percent in March to 1062446, recovering from a slump caused by a year ago blockade, according to data released Friday by the European Association of automobile manufacturers (ACEA).   As the first European country to impose the blockade last year, new car registration in Italy soared 497% in […]

Turkey bans cryptocurrency

Turkey’s central bank announced on Friday that it would ban the use of cryptocurrency and cryptoassets to buy goods and services, a week after Turkish authorities asked trading platforms to provide user information. Cryptocurrency and other such digital assets based on distributed ledger technology cannot be used directly or indirectly as payment instruments, the Central […]

Total wealth of US billionaires in the past 13 months

According to the latest report by the Institute for policy studies and the Americans for tax fairness, the total wealth of US billionaires has increased by $1.62 trillion, or 55%, in the past 13 months.   This highlights the so-called “K-shaped” recovery of the U.S. economy: the income of the high-income group is growing further, […]

Oracle founder plans to demolish his $80 million mansion

Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle (76.82, 0.15, 0.20%) and a technology tycoon with a value of $91.5 billion, said he planned to demolish the palm beach mansion in Florida that he had just spent $80 million on, and said he would continue to use an island in Hawaii as a permanent residence.   Ellison sent […]

Founder of virgin Galaxy

Richard Branson, founder of virgin galaxy, the first space travel unit, sold more than $150 million in the past three trading days, according to a regulatory document submitted Wednesday. The documents show that Branson and four entities under his control, including Virgin Group, sold 5584000 shares of virgin galaxy from April 12 to 14, selling […]

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States

The first coinbase on the cryptocurrency exchange officially opened on NASDAQ on Wednesday (13857.8403, -138.26, -0.99% (13857.8403, -138.26, -0.99%) was listed. The stock code “coin” was opened for about 52% on the first day of listing, and the opening price was $381, which once reached 70%. The market value exceeded $100billion, reaching US $112billion at […]

The United States proposes to suspend use

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a joint statement on the 13th, proposing to suspend the vaccination of Johnson & Johnson new crown vaccine, following the rare thrombosis of six vaccinees and the death of the vaccinees. According to the Washington Post on the […]

More than 50000 people in Japan were infected by the epidemic

In Japan, the number of people who have difficulty repaying their home loans is increasing. Japan economic news website 13 reported that between March 2020 and December, COVID-19 caused more than 50 thousand people to repay mortgage difficulties, which was 5 times higher than the “3. 11” earthquake in East Japan.   The income of […]

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