Online education stocks fell sharply

A shares three index collective low open, stock index fell 0.35%, Shenzhen index fell 0.30%, gem index fell 0.55%, on the disk, steel, nonferrous metals, coal and other plate growth in the top, online education, Baijiu, CRO and other plate decline. Education stocks fell sharply at the opening. Many stocks such as doushen education, Kede […]

China Education stocks and US stocks

China Education stocks in the United States fell sharply before the market, New Oriental fell more than 40%, good future fell by more than 44%, high way fell more than 20%. On the news, China gold has sharply lowered the target price of education stocks such as New Oriental online. We will cut the target […]

All three indexes fell by more than 1%

The three major A-share indexes opened lower, and the three major indexes continued to weaken in early trading, with a decline of more than 1%. Semiconductor chip plate opened higher, Xinpeng micro limit, Beijing Junzheng, Quanzhi technology, Liyang chip, Shilan micro, etc. Military stocks continued to strengthen, Zhenhua Technology took the lead in closing the […]

Hot pot brother performance reversal

As a hot pot leader, Haidilao (06862. HK) has dropped its market value by about HK $200 billion from its peak in February. Now it will usher in a “reversal”. Year on year turnaround, but still less than expected The latest performance forecast disclosed on July 25 shows that from January to June this year, […]

Endorsement of two cros

Recently, Arnold pharmaceutical has submitted its form on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and the co sponsor is China gold company and Bank of America Securities. Under the hot situation of Hong Kong medicine, why are Arnold pharmaceutical companies favored by two cro companies as a few companies in biotech and invested by TEG medicine […]

Hong Kong stock Hang Seng Index closed down 1.4%

Education departments (Education commissions), Internet Information Office, development and Reform Commission, competent departments of industry and information technology, communications administration bureau, Department (bureau) of finance, branches of the people’s Bank of China, Education Bureau, Internet Information Office, development and Reform Commission, competent departments of industry and information technology, Finance Bureau, branches of the people’s Bank […]

The average wage of 16 is coming out! How about Jiangsu breaking the 100000 mark for the first time?

Beijing, June 29 (Wu Xiaowei) – in July, housing provident fund may usher in a new round of adjustment. Some units adjust their provident fund payment base for employees according to their monthly average salary in the previous natural year. According to the incomplete statistics of Zhongxin Jingwei client, the average wage in 2020 has […]

623 takeaway brother dropped out of China Agricultural University: knowledge is important after work

“Have you heard? There’s a takeout boy who scored 623 in the college entrance examination this year. That’s amazing These two days, this year’s college entrance examination has been released, Hubei Xiangyang a takeout brother fire. At the same time, he didn’t stop and was still busy on the way to deliver the takeout. On […]

Kunming Branch Secretary of a regiment was questioned when he made a phone call with tape strapped receiver. The official reply came

This is the new “shape” of fan Zhongming, the League Secretary of Xinglong community, Longquan street, Panlong District. In recent days, in order to inform more people of the second dose of vaccine, fan Zhongming has to make an average of nearly 300 calls a day. “In order to improve efficiency and free up my […]

The only foreign expert of Wuhan virus Institute said: I was stunned by external malicious attacks

The only foreign scientist who has ever conducted research in Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an exclusive interview that the functions and activities of Wuhan Institute of Virology are more conventional than those described by some (Western) media, with “distorted information concealing accurate narration”. At present, the United States has […]

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