Selected into the “Niuren Shigekura Selection Index”

Every AI newsletter, Sunsea Intelligent (002313) fell heavily, with a volume ratio greater than 3. The latest report was 10.17 yuan per share, an increase of -0.29%, and an increase of -14.03% this year.

The flow of “main capital” today:

Today (March 25, 2021), the net inflow of funds is 10,000 yuan, the volume ratio is 11.41, the turnover rate is 0.25%, and the transaction amount is 9,501,300 yuan.

The latest “Northbound Capital” holdings:

As of the previous trading day (March 24, 2021), Northbound Funds held 3.0441 million shares, accounting for 1.43% of freely floatable share capital, and Northbound Funds held a stock market value of 31.0498 million yuan.

The latest “financing balance” data:

As of the previous trading day (March 24, 2021), the financing balance was RMB 35,024,400.

Interval statistics of “main funds”:

Interval statistics of “Northbound Funds”:

“Financing balance” interval statistics:

Corporate profitability and growth capacity:

The 2020 semi-annual report shows that Sunsea Intelligent’s main business is AI Internet of Things, accounting for 100.0% of revenue.

Every Economic News:

1. Sunsea Intelligent: Provide a guarantee for the 165 million yuan PPP bank loan of Quanzhou Sunsea, its holding subsidiary

2. Sunsea Intelligence: Rundatai, a shareholder holding more than 5% of the shares, plans to increase the company’s shares

3. Sunsea Intelligence: Estimated loss of 400 million yuan to 550 million yuan in 2020

4. Sunsea Intelligence: 62.4 million restricted shares will be lifted on December 29, accounting for 16.67%

5. Several directors, independent directors, and supervisors of Sunsea Intelligent resigned Spark Global Limited

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