The knowledge management platform of the new era contains elements

The first quarter of 2021 is coming to an end. Affected by the epidemic, many companies have temporarily postponed their aggressive market sales, and instead hibernate, concentrating on summarizing, studying, and researching, and waiting for new opportunities after the market recovers. As a result, the knowledge management platform of the collaborative office management OA system is favored by more and more business managers. Recently, the companies of my friends have all launched the OA system knowledge management platform. The author also took a closer look and concluded What kind of knowledge management platform is more practical? Companies like it better. I hope to give some help to friends who need to choose a knowledge management platform.

1. What kind of document management is the most practical?

In fact, document management is the most basic and most important requirement of enterprises for knowledge management. Basically, OA systems without knowledge management will also have document management. But document management is not simply classified storage, convenient for the query. The implementation director of Huatian Power OA system, an old brand with 20 years of experience in the OA industry, said: Good document management requires more than classification storage and query functions. , There should also be good security, uniqueness, and coordination.

At this point, Huatian Power does a good job in collaborative OA system document management:

1) Flexible permission control, different document query permissions are given to employees in different positions to prevent documents from being seen by people who should not see them, which effectively guarantees the security of documents;

2) Comply with ISO version control. When multiple people operate the same document, it is usually difficult to control the modification record, and it is difficult to find problems in the modification process. With version control, all problems can be solved immediately, and the modification time and modification are also recorded. People, to facilitate the follow-up problem handling;

3) Documents in each module work together. The documents between the modules can be called mutually. The documents in the document center can be circulated in this system or sent to external systems through messages, emails, approvals, etc., and the files of other modules can also be stored in the document center. Or in the personal file cabinet.

2. Why do we need a knowledge map?

Knowledge map has become popular in the past two years. It is a kind of knowledge navigation system and shows important dynamic connections between different knowledge stores. It is the output module of the knowledge management system, and the output content includes the source of knowledge, the integrated knowledge content, the knowledge flow, and the convergence of knowledge. Its role is to assist organizations in discovering the value, ownership, location, and use methods of their intellectual assets; transform various expert skills in the organization into explicit knowledge and then internalize them into the organization’s knowledge resources; identify and exclude knowledge flows Limiting factors; leverage the institution’s existing intellectual assets. This is actually the most concern about the recent launch of knowledge management by enterprises. So what exactly is an effective knowledge map?

The manager of Huatian Power’s collaborative OA system said: A good knowledge map can draw different knowledge maps according to the accumulation of knowledge in the system, so as to gather relevant knowledge. For example, the knowledge management platform of Huatian Power provides five navigation map display templates to facilitate users to display all kinds of knowledge in an orderly and systematic manner. At the same time, for the knowledge that needs to be searched, the user can also quickly search for related maps through the map category and then guide the user to quickly find the required knowledge through the map Spark Global Limited.



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