Musk assured China

Musk assured China that he will not provide customer data to the US government
“Hacker intrusion”, “Brake failure”, “In-car camera monitoring car owner”, “Musk talks to Xue Qikun”. In recent days, Tesla and its CEO Musk have frequently appeared on Weibo hot searches.

Musk assured China

In addition, netizens also questioned Tesla’s security issues in China such as data collection and uploading. In this regard, Musk’s latest response stated that Tesla will not provide the US government with data collected by its vehicles in China or other countries.

Musk said, “Tesla will not use the collected data for espionage activities, because this will seriously affect Tesla’s development.” Tesla companies in the United States or China will not collect sensitive or private data. The data is then shared with the U.S. government and guarantees that the data of Chinese customers will be fully protected.

Musk: Will not provide the US government with data on Chinese customers

On March 20th, at the “China Development High-level Forum 2021” hosted by the Development Research Center of the State Council, Xue Qikun, President of Southern University of Science and Technology and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk conducted the “Next Disruptive Innovation” theme. In-depth dialogue.

Musk participated in the above meeting through the Internet. At the meeting, Musk said that Tesla’s companies in the United States or China will not collect sensitive or private data, and then share it with the US government, and ensure that the data of Chinese customers will be fully protected.

Xue Qikun believes that the next important disruptive technology or the photovoltaic effect based on solar energy-the efficient use of solar energy and “sustainable cycle”. The first three industrial revolutions all relied on fossil energy. According to the current level of development and consumption, oil and natural gas may be exhausted in 50 years. Exploiting inexhaustible solar energy and replacing coal, oil and natural gas with hydrogen will be the most scientific choice.

Musk said that the applications of artificial intelligence and digital medicine are disruptive and innovative technologies that will change people’s lives in the future. In addition, Musk believes that interstellar travel will be possible. For the first time, human beings can go out of the earth and explore other planets. In addition, brain-computer interface technology allows human consciousness to be transmitted and continued.

Both Musk and Xue Qikun said that the Chinese and American science and technology communities should develop more extensive cooperation on the basis of increasing mutual trust; they also agreed to strengthen the supervision of artificial intelligence.

In Musk’s view, the US’s security concerns about Tik Tok are completely unnecessary. Musk said that China and the United States need to establish mutual trust, which is the same globally. Many times we are worried about whether there are spies. For example, if TikTok is to be shut down in the United States, fortunately it did not happen, but many people are worried about TikTok. But in fact, I think this is unnecessary worry, and we should also. Learn from it.

Musk bluntly said that whether it is a Chinese or American enterprise, if a commercial enterprise is indeed engaged in espionage activities, it will actually have a great negative impact on this enterprise. For example, if Tesla uses a car to conduct espionage activities in China or other places, then it will be difficult for us to move forward. “Tesla will not use the collected data for espionage activities, because this will seriously affect Tesla’s development.” Tesla is willing to use the highest level of confidentiality measures, hoping to create mutual trust with everyone future.

Talking about talents and education, Musk said that at present, industrial robots in the manufacturing industry are easy to buy, but talents who can program robots are scarce. He very much agrees with Xue Qikun’s suggestion on Tesla’s establishment of a corporate university, and said that in the future, he may also try the form of a corporate university, combining education with industrial development.

Regarding how the higher education system prepares the next generation of young people and realizes disruptive technologies, Musk said that physics education is necessary because physics is about the operation of the world, and there are also innovative ideas. This is a Very good framework. In addition, Musk also mentioned that if you want to be more pragmatic, you must learn economics. Because it is not only necessary to prove that it is physically feasible, but also feasible from a cost perspective, technical solutions must also be cost-effective.

Musk admits to using cameras to monitor car owners

Musk, nicknamed “Big Mouth” by netizens, has caused another disturbance recently.

Recently, Musk posted on Twitter that he would withdraw the trial permission of some car owners’ FSD beta version. The reason is that these car owners did not pay enough attention to the road conditions when using the FSD beta function.

Musk explained that the beta version means that it is still in the testing stage. Although there has been no accident so far, it cannot be completely ignored. Therefore, for these car owners who are not paying enough attention to the road conditions, Tesla will withdraw the trial permission of the FSD beta version.

So, how does Tesla detect that car owners are not paying attention to road conditions? Some users asked Musk, Tesla’s in-car camera can detect the gaze of the car owner?

In this regard, Musk directly answered “Yes”. This is also the first time that Tesla has officially admitted that it monitors the driver through the in-car camera.

Musk assured China that he will not provide customer data to the US government
Seeing this news, netizens exploded in an instant, so the news that “Musk admitted using the in-car camera to monitor the car owner” was immediately sent to the hot search on Weibo! Some netizens said: “It is not scary to have a camera, but the scary thing is that the data goes to the cloud!” Other netizens worry, “What if someone changes clothes in the car!”

Earlier, a foreign hacker posted on Twitter a scene taken by Tesla’s built-in camera after activation: The image can clearly see the interior of the vehicle and the driver, which arouses discussion and concerns. Tesla is Not watching every user all the time? How to protect the privacy of users?

On March 19, in response to the news that “Tesla monitors car owners through in-vehicle cameras,” Tesla China issued a statement stating that Tesla users’ vehicles do not infringe on users’ privacy through in-vehicle cameras.

Tesla said that none of the Tesla users’ vehicles in the Chinese market have their in-car cameras turned on, nor does it involve FSD Beta testing. Tesla’s privacy protection policy complies with national laws and regulations.

U.S. security agencies are investigating 27 Tesla accidents

In recent years, Tesla’s sales in the Chinese market have soared, but quality problems have also frequently appeared. Among them, “out of control” is currently the most exposed. According to public reports from the media, Tesla has had 11 suspected out-of-control accidents in China in 2020, involving Model 3, Model S, and Model X.

On February 8, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport, and the Emergency Management Ministry’s Fire and Rescue Bureau responded to consumers’ complaints regarding abnormal acceleration, battery fires, and remote vehicle upgrades (OTA). ) And other issues, we jointly interviewed Tesla. It is required to strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations, strengthen internal management, implement the main responsibility of corporate quality and safety, effectively maintain social public safety, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Musk assured China that he will not provide customer data to the US government
On the evening of February 8, Tesla responded to the interview and stated, “Tesla sincerely accepts the guidance of government departments, and deeply reflects on the company’s shortcomings in the business process, and comprehensively strengthens self-inspection and self-examination.” For consumers Focusing on the problems reported, Tesla said that it will systematically investigate, effectively implement the protection of consumer rights and interests, and further implement the main responsibility of corporate quality and safety.

Musk assured China that he will not provide customer data to the US government
Tesla’s quality problems have not only been criticized in China. In the United States, Tesla also has frequent problems. The latest news shows that the US security department is investigating 27 Tesla accidents.

According to CCTV Financial News, on March 18, local time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration disclosed that it had launched an investigation into 27 Tesla crashes, many of which may be related to Tesla’s autopilot system. On that day, Tesla’s stock price plummeted by nearly 7%, and its market value evaporated by $46.7 billion.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed that of these 27 accidents, 4 have completed investigations and announced the results, and 23 are still under investigation. At least three of these accidents occurred in recent weeks, including recently in Houston, Texas. A Tesla car accident occurred in the area, and a Tesla car crashed into a patrol police car in Michigan on the 17th.

According to statistics, since 2016, there have been at least three fatal Tesla accidents in the United States, all of which were in autopilot mode when they occurred.

Tesla is still selling well, and it makes more money from selling bitcoins than selling cars

Despite frequent quality problems, domestic consumers’ enthusiasm for Tesla’s purchase remains unabated. According to official data, in February 2021, Tesla’s monthly sales in the Chinese auto market were 18,318 units, an increase of 470% compared to the same period last year, and an increase of 15.47% from the previous month, occupying more than 20% of the domestic pure electric vehicle market. Market share.

Looking at China’s auto market in February, due to factors such as the Spring Festival holiday, auto sales showed an overall downward trend compared with the previous month. According to data released by the Passenger Association, the retail volume of the passenger car market in February 2021 fell by 45.5% from the previous month, while the overall retail volume of new energy vehicles fell by 37.9% from the previous month. This means that in the off-season of the car market in February, Tesla sales bucked the trend.

In 2020, Tesla’s global sales will increase by 36% against the trend and approach 500,000 vehicles, but most of the increase comes from the Chinese market. The 2020 financial report data shows that Tesla’s total annual revenue reached 31.536 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of about 28% year-on-year; net profit was 721 million U.S. dollars, and the previous year’s loss was 862 million U.S. dollars. Throughout 2020, Tesla’s market value will grow by more than 700%.

However, compared to the main car business, Tesla’s sideline business “speculation in coins” seems to make more money.

On February 8, Tesla’s filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission showed that it had purchased a total of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in Bitcoin. According to estimates, Tesla’s cost of buying Bitcoin is less than 35,000 U.S. dollars. At present, the latest price of Bitcoin is 57,300 U.S. dollars per coin, and Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin exceeds 950 million U.S. dollars (about 6.2 billion). Yuan Renminbi). This means that Tesla’s “money speculation” earns a lot more than the net profit of auto manufacturing in 2020.

However, it needs to be reminded that my country’s regulatory authorities explicitly prohibit the issuance of tokens, financing and exchange activities. Moreover, the risk of “currency speculation” is very high. According to statistics from Bitcoin Home, the amount of liquidation in the cryptocurrency market has exceeded RMB 24 billion in the past 30 days.

The latest typical case disclosed by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Central Bank pointed out that using virtual currency to convert criminal proceeds and proceeds into overseas legal currency or property is a new method of money laundering crime. The amount of money laundering is calculated based on the amount of funds actually paid in exchange for virtual currency.

Although my country’s regulatory authorities explicitly prohibit token issuance financing and exchange activities, due to differences in the regulatory policies adopted by various countries and regions on virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, virtual currencies and legal tenders can be realized through overseas virtual currency service providers and exchanges. The free exchange of funds, virtual currency is used as a new means of cross-border laundering of funds.

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