Risk is coming!

Here comes the risk.
Shenzhen real estate speculation is so fanatical that it is against the wind.
On November 28, Xinhua news agency released a comment entitled “hard core” measures are needed to curb the “new craze” in the property market.
According to the article, the commercial housing with an area of more than 100000 yuan per square meter has become a hot “investment product”. The phenomenon of making profits by buying houses behind the “new hot spot” is obviously contrary to the concept of “housing without speculation”.

This is to put a cap on the real estate fever, so doing, is certainly not correct.
Then, the article puts forward several measures.
For local governments, we should speed up the introduction of affordable housing.
It is essential to ensure the supply of housing without speculation. In recent years, many measures have been taken simultaneously in some places, such as putting forward long-term housing security plan, stopping approval of commercial apartments, and promoting the construction of low-cost public housing. These measures need to be implemented quickly.
The following policy recommendations are directed at investors.
We should pay more attention to the flow of housing, strengthen the regulation of holding links, and let tax leverage play a greater role. The establishment of a scientific and reasonable real estate tax system, through market-oriented means to curb investment speculation, may be able to take effect.
This is no different from shouting, hurry up, levy property tax.
In July this year, rumors spread that Shenzhen introduced a property tax.
It is rumored on the Internet that Shenzhen intends to protect the healthy development of the market by means of Taxation, and will levy real estate tax on a pilot basis from January 1, 2021.
According to the news, 60 square meters per capita or one family suite is exempt from tax. The tax rate for more than two suites exceeds 60 square meters per capita is 1.5%, 2.5% for the third and 4.5% for the fourth.
Taxes are much stronger than in Shanghai and Chongqing.
According to this version, if there are three sets of houses with an appraisal price of 10 million yuan in Shenzhen, and if the first two are considered as exempt areas, the property tax of the third house will be as high as 250000 yuan per year.
Property tax is a property tax, which is levied according to the appraisal price and is levied once a year. If the plan is true, then those who own more than two homes will pay hundreds of thousands of yuan in real estate tax every year.
At that time, the media interviewed the Shenzhen tax bureau, which clarified that the news was not true.
Now, the real estate speculation fever in Shenzhen may make the property tax fall ahead of schedule.
“China Times” reported that the Shenzhen tax bureau’s caliber is: “at present, no notice has been received, everything is subject to the official announcement.”
Please note that we did not say “false” or “accept or not”, but “we have not been informed yet”.
This sentence makes people think, leaving a lot of living.
The fundamental reason is that other measures can’t reduce housing prices in the short term.

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