Comprehensive upgrade of the Yiren Wealth brand

The Yiren Wealth “Upward and Upward” brand upgrade conference was held in the form of a unique cloud release. Yiren Wealth officially unveiled with a new visual system and released the new slogan “Yiren, Best, Wonderful and Unlimited”.

Yiren Wealth is a digital wealth management service platform of Yiren Jinke (NYSE: YRD), a global fintech flagship company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is committed to providing safe and professional digital wealth management with asset allocation as the core for the wealthy. service. After the brand upgrade, Yiren Wealth will comprehensively upgrade its products and services and become a professional wealth-optimized quality service platform focusing on the wealthy of the masses.

Comprehensive upgrade of the Yiren Wealth brand

The newly unveiled brand image presents a brand-new attitude of Yiren Wealth to provide wealthy life diversified services to the masses. The new brand logo uses orange as the main color. Orange represents youth, vitality, hope and warmth, represents people’s infinite yearning for a better life, and also represents Yiren Wealth’s brand attitude of consistently practicing “warm finance”. The logo symbol is represented by “person”

The image of “infinity” has evolved, expressing pleasant wealth. Adhering to the original intention of making customers’ lives more “pleasant”, focusing on people themselves, taking customers’ needs as the origin, creating infinite touchpoints that connect with customers’ wealth and life, and accompany customers along the way. Lived an infinitely wonderful journey of a good life.

A survey of the masses of wealthy people shows that the people’s understanding of wealth is strongly related to health, family and material foundations, and spiritual abundance, children’s education and career connections are also ranked high. Based on this insight, Yiren Wealth always pays attention to the affluent people’s pursuit of quality life. In the past many years, with wealth management as a bridge, Yiren Wealth has organically integrated users’ smart life scenes, and cooperated with cross-border brands such as the “World Silver Standard Race” Wuxi Marathon, practicing the original intention of accompany users on a better life journey.

Comprehensive upgrade of the Yiren Wealth brand

Shang Xiao, CEO of Yiren Wealth, believes that “optimization” is based on the understanding of customer needs. Wealth management is not only to help customers manage their funds, but also to match appropriate investment portfolios to achieve long-term returns based on risk appetite and tolerance. “Wonderful” is not limited to the increase in revenue. Yiren Wealth also hopes to match customers with personalized solutions and high-quality services in the fields of quality life, learning enhancement, children’s education, and charity.

Yiren Wealth COO Feng Yaokang said that upholding CreditEase’s strong investment capabilities, technological capabilities, internationalization capabilities and comprehensive service capabilities, as well as years of experience in serving ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals, Yiren Wealth has provided users with a single product and service from the earliest. It develops into a multi-product, multi-service professional wealth-optimized quality service platform, and will also provide more professional wealth-optimized services to the masses in the new era.


Yiren Fortune COO Feng Yaokang

At the press conference, Yiren Club, equipped with a richer rights and services system, made a new appearance. According to reports, on the basis of the continuous upgrade of investment services such as exclusive financial advisors and 1V1 customized consulting, Yiren Wealth will introduce heavyweight partners in home life, resources of famous schools at home and abroad, education planning, medical health, business travel services, etc., to help the public The affluent people have upgraded their quality of life. In addition, it will also export high-quality investment and education content through the financial and business education brand, and a series of big coffee columns represented by the “Tangning Meeting Room” column will help the masses of wealthy people to broaden their horizons and achieve a leap in career development.

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