Regulate online loans for college students

In recent years, there have been countless tragic stories caused by “college student online loans”. In response to this phenomenon, five departments including the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued the “Notice on Further Regulating the Supervision and Administration of College Students’ Internet Consumer Loans”, prohibiting small loan companies from issuing Internet consumer loans to college students, and prohibiting non-licensed institutions from providing credit services to college students .

Regulate online loans for college students

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The “Notice” clearly stipulates that microfinance companies must not set college students as the target customer group for Internet consumer loans, and must not accurately market this group; they must not use false, misleading or inductive publicity and other improper methods to induce college students to get ahead Consumption, excessive borrowing; any violent collection behavior that interferes with the normal study and life of college students is strictly prohibited. In addition, licensed institutions such as commercial banks and consumer finance are also regulated.

The announcement of this news can be said to be quite appropriate. Just a few days ago, the media reported that after two female college students were attracted to the store by a special photo album of 19.9 yuan, they paid 13444 yuan and 7444 yuan respectively to purchase a high-priced photo package that they could not afford to pay. In the course of the transaction, they refused many times, but couldn’t help the staff’s hard work, and eventually even the salesman took his mobile phone and applied for an online loan.

There are many online loan routines, and college students who have not been involved in the world are obviously still too “tender” compared with those who have already penetrated into society. This may be why, even when “campus loans” have long been banned, the five departments are still “further regulating”. The so-called Dao is one foot high and the evil one is high. Those familiar and unfamiliar online loans will always recruit college students to board the ship in a different way, regardless of the violent waves behind them.

In fact, as early as 2017, Zhao Jianjun, then deputy director of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Education, responded to the problem of college students’ campus loans: no online lending institution is allowed to issue loans to college students. Now, the notice of the five departments can be regarded as the concrete implementation of this concept. After all, the governance of the chaos of online loans for college students cannot be done independently by the education department alone.

It is undeniable that some college students do encounter times when they need money. For example, families are poor, but this problem can be solved by applying for grants, student loans, or even social donations, instead of appealing to small loan companies or unlicensed financial institutions. At that time, when the Ministry of Education clearly stated that campus loans were banned, it clearly pointed out that in the past five years, the total national funding for various education stages was nearly 700 billion yuan.

For another example, there are college students who need entrepreneurial funds, and there are also special college student entrepreneurial loans in this regard. Many places, universities, and banks also have corresponding preferential policies and support. For example, in early March this year, Zhengzhou, Henan just issued a new policy, stipulating that college students can apply for a guaranteed loan of up to 400,000 yuan to start a business.

Obviously there is a Kangzhuang Avenue to go, why do you want to squeeze the single-plank bridge of various routine loans? To a certain extent, this is because many college students are blinded by the exaggerated propaganda of some platforms, which has led to the phenomenon of bad money driving out good money in the market.

Therefore, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments have jointly notified that microfinance companies are not allowed to issue Internet consumer loans to college students. This is a constraint for loan companies and a prescription for all kinds of “campus loans”. Relevant regulations have been issued, and then relevant departments need to strictly implement them to promote the implementation and implementation of policies. This is also a long-term process that requires attention, tracking and supervision.

Of course, for college students, they should also consciously reject those consumerist propaganda and establish a healthy consumption concept. When one’s own abilities are not enough to satisfy some of one’s desires, restraint is not only a virtue, but also a kind of wisdom. Don’t put a heavy burden on youth for the sake of temporary desires; instead, turn these desires into a kind of motivation to urge oneself to learn and grow. This is the direction of the sun.

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