It is getting hotter and hotter in Shenzhen

Since this year, the most important news of the property market is Shenzhen hot. Now it is getting hotter and hotter.
The hottest property is the recent opening of China Resources seal.
On November 24, Runxi lottery selected 1300 people from 9690 people to enter the first housing selection process.
On November 25 and 26, according to the order of notarized lottery, the sincere registrant participated in the on-site housing selection activities.
In two days, 1171 suites were wound up, excluding rest time, and the whole process took 13 hours.
According to the statistics of stock times · e company, except for 89 people who temporarily abandoned the election, 1171 suite was taken over by 1254 house buyers. More than 90% of them bought the 1171 suite, with a 100% sales rate and 19.6 billion yuan of money.
The price of a suite is more than ten million yuan.
The average opening price is 132000 yuan per square meter. The unit price ranges from 120000 yuan to 144000 yuan per square meter. The total price ranges from 11.84 million yuan to 29.84 million yuan. The construction area is 100 square meters, 125 square meters, 175 square meters and 200 square meters.
The biggest arbitrage space in Shenzhen is real estate
Runxi is so concerned and favored by the amount of investment, the main reason is two words: arbitrage.
Runxi is inversely linked with the surrounding second-hand house prices, creating a huge arbitrage space.
One of the most important principles in finance is that there is arbitrage and there is trading.
What is the arbitrage space of Runxi? The average listing price of the surrounding second-hand houses is about 50000 yuan per square meter, according to the daily economic news. According to the current average listing price, even if you choose the smallest 100 square meters, the book floating profit is 5 million yuan, not counting the future increase.
Let’s assume that the apartment is bought for 12 million yuan, and then sold off. The profit is 5 million yuan, which is 40% of the return in a few days.
In a few days!
People who buy early have already enjoyed the return.
According to the Economic Observer website, the current listing unit price of China Resources City Runfu phase 1 ranges from 110000 yuan / m2 to 190000 yuan / m2; most of the listing unit prices of Runfu phase 2 are above 170000 yuan / m2; and the listing unit prices of Runfu phase 3 are between 167000 yuan and 189000 yuan / m2. According to the transaction history information of Zhongyuan in Shenzhen, the latest transaction unit price of China Resources City Runfu phase 3 is about 176000 yuan / m2.
The house prices of the first three phases of China Resources City have generally increased by more than one time in six years, the highest or even more than two times. For the same real estate, the price difference of the new house in the first three phases of China Resources City compared with the second-hand house is about 50000 yuan / square meter.
Such returns, far more than other investment varieties, the risk is relatively small.

house models
With double leverage, the return on investment will double.
Not only Runxi, Shenzhen’s overall real estate arbitrage space is relatively large.
According to the sales price index of new and second-hand houses in 70 large and medium-sized cities released by the National Bureau of statistics, the sales price of new houses in Shenzhen increased by 5.1% year-on-year, with a slight increase of 0.2% month on month; the second-hand housing rose by 0.9% on a month on month basis, with a year-on-year increase of 15.5%, surpassing Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, leading the country.
The more stable the price of first-hand housing seems, the faster the price of second-hand housing rises, the greater arbitrage space will be.
It’s no surprise that so many people are lining up to buy a house. They just want to join the arbitrage army and have a share.
There are various scalpers. The more cattle, the more scarce resources.
China’s scalpers once haunted three rare products, such as train tickets during the Spring Festival, specialist clinics of top three hospitals, and real estate with arbitrage space in Shenzhen, Nanjing, etc.
Not only that, in order to avoid purchase restrictions and increase leverage, all kinds of means have been put forward, and the creativity is extremely amazing. The transfer of quota, crowdfunding, generation holding, partnership, all 18 kinds of weapons have been used.
There are a number of agency agreements and partnership agreements in the market, with prices ranging from free to 10000 yuan;
From relatives to employees, we use all kinds of quota to buy houses;
The boss and the employees each give half of the fund and half of the monthly contribution. The two sides agreed that after working for several years, the employees will buy back the shares of the boss, and the boss and the employees will share the risks and benefits;
After the lottery results were announced, some people bought the winning places at a high price. It is said that the bidding price for more than 500 positions was 2 million yuan.
Real estate trainer, lawyer, you sing, I come on stage.
During the subscription period, real estate big V held training classes for partnership purchase and holding, explained risk cases, and the cost of class reporting can be deducted from the cost of the proposed partnership agreement.
Lawyers are busy, too.
Some lawyers said that I am very busy these days, they are looking for me to hold the agreement or the version of the partnership agreement, or to consult those who are qualified to buy a house, whether the points of no house or loan are higher.
We should explain to people what is buying a house on behalf of others, what is buying a house in partnership, and how to avoid the future risks of holding and partnership.
The risk can be avoided through the continuous payment of water, electricity and gas.
The world is bustling, all for profit; the world is bustling, all for profit.
Shenzhen real estate, essentially one thing, plus leverage arbitrage, we share. It doesn’t matter whether you just need it or not. People from the middle class in Shenzhen want to take this bus.

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