Two female fund managers lead

The China Europe Fund has issued a new fund, which is a selected hybrid A/C for China Europe Research. The fundraising period is from March 18 to March 22, and the target of raising is 10 billion.

Two female fund managers lead

According to Tiantian, the fund will be jointly managed by two female fund managers, Lu Chunqing and Ge Lan.

Lu Chunqing is the deputy general manager of China Europe Fund in charge of investment, and concurrently serves as the research director and head of the business department of China Europe Fund Management Co., Ltd. He started to serve as a fund manager on June 24, 2020, with a cumulative tenure of only 265 days. Previously, it only managed the China-Europe Advanced Manufacturing Stock A/C, and the total assets of the current fund are 1.979 billion yuan.

And another fund manager, Gülen, is much more famous. Gülen is called the “Goddess of National Investment” by CEIBS. He has served as a researcher at the Research Institute of China International Finance Securities Co., Ltd. and a researcher at Minsheng Fund Management Co., Ltd., and joined CEIBS in October 2014. Currently in management of 4 funds (combined calculation of various units), the total asset size of the current fund is 44.191 billion yuan, and the best fund return during his tenure is 228.89%.

Judging from the holding styles of the two fund managers, Lu Chunqing’s current holding style of advanced manufacturing in China and Europe is the main layout of core assets of new energy, while Gülen prefers medicine. What kind of collision the two fund managers with different styles will bring to Xinji’s management will be proved by time.

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