Ou Feiguang opened the limit down

It is understood that the domestic electronics giant OFILM has reported that it will be kicked out of the supply chain by its major customer Apple since last year. Officials have always denied it. However, yesterday evening, OFILM issued an announcement confirming that a foreign customer has terminated the purchase.

Although OFILM did not announce who the customer is, it is speculated based on previous announcements and industry rumors that the customer is Apple.

Ou Feiguang opened the limit down

The straight-line limit at the opening today may be directly related to the announcement.

According to the company’s announcement, the operating income of audited specific customer-related businesses in 2019 was 11.698 billion yuan, accounting for 22.51% of the total audited operating income in 2019.

In addition, OFILM also stated that the company is planning to sell all or part of the assets of subsidiaries related to specific customer businesses.

This is also consistent with the Apple asset transfer agreement signed with Wingtech Technology in February this year.

Ou Feiguang stated that the impact of this specific customer order change on the company’s operations and performance is still under evaluation, and there is great uncertainty. The company will communicate with audit and evaluation agencies as soon as possible to conduct impairment tests on related equipment and other assets. And the accrued amount has not yet been determined.

It is reported that OFILM was previously a supplier of Apple cameras and a manufacturer of precision optical and optoelectronic thin-film components for the development and production of infrared cut filters and other products in digital camera systems.

In November 2016, OFILM formally acquired the entire equity of Sony Electronics South China Co., Ltd. (now renamed Guangzhou Delta Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.), thus officially entering the Apple industry chain.

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