Master these online loan application skills

Online loans are very popular and well received by everyone, and online loans are simple and convenient, which is a good way to solve short-term capital shortages. But online loans are not easy to borrow. If you want to increase the pass rate of online loans, you must learn some tricks.

The following is a summary of the techniques to improve the pass rate of online loans. If you can persist in doing it, you can increase the pass rate by 90%!

Master these online loan application skills

Preparation for loan


Choosing loan products is the key.

Don’t apply for loans blindly, because each online lending institution has different review standards. If your application is inconsistent with the online lending institution, it is easy to be rejected.

Therefore, before applying, you can learn about the specific requirements of the product by phone or other means, prepare information according to the requirements, and learn about the corresponding age, whether a credit card, sesame points, Taobao account, JD account, work information, etc. are required.


Keep your frequently used cell phone numbers.

A mobile phone number is a key point of online loan review. Generally, there are two basic requirements. One is to use a real name, and the other is that the mobile phone number should be used as long as possible, at least 6 months. These new or unreal mobile phone numbers are often difficult to identify.


Clear the contents of the phone.

Applying for an online loan generally requires authorization to view the mobile phone. After authorization, the online loan institution can view the contents of the mobile phone, including the address book, SMS content, and mobile APP.

First delete bad information such as loans, credit cards, stocks, futures, lotteries, gambling, etc., and then apply for loans, focusing on keeping some content that can add points, such as salary text messages, account text messages (must delete loan text messages), etc. , As for the APP, the download record should also be cleaned up.


Increase the share of Sesame and Tencent.

Now many online lending platforms need to call Sesame Credit (Alipay has stopped many platforms from accessing Sesame Credit), so a good Sesame Credit can greatly improve the loan pass rate. Sesame Credit is generally updated on the 6th of each month, so everyone can Before the 6th, take some measures to improve the credit of Sesame.

At the same time, if Tencent Credit can be opened and the score is higher, it can also greatly increase the pass rate of online loans.


Cannot apply for too many loans in a short period of time.

If you apply for an online loan in a short time and leave too many application records, the loan approval rate will drop significantly. Therefore, you must pay attention to the time interval for applying for a loan. Don’t apply randomly. Be sure to find the one-time application platform.

Fill out the application form.


The information must be true.

It must not be assumed that providing false materials can deceive online loan companies. Generally, online loan companies have their own risk control system, which can check the borrower’s information in various ways. If a material is found to be fraudulent, the probability of rejection It will be huge.


Job information

Many online loan materials will be shared, so work information should not be changed frequently. It is best to provide a relatively stable job for more than one year.

If the platform needs to verify the mailbox, it is best to leave the corporate mailbox, so that the impression to the loan platform is that you are currently in a normal working condition and your income is stable. In addition, you can also use some tricks, such as letting another colleague simulate payroll, and using the corporate mailbox to receive credit card bills.


contact details.

If you want to leave your contact information, you must have been in contact within a recent period of time. If you do not find the contact number you left in the phone record in the recent period, it is very likely that you have provided false information!


Credit statement mailbox

The bill must be continuous for more than one month. If there are multiple credit cards, it is best to keep one of them and delete all the others.


Taobao certification

Taobao Alipay must be verified by real-name, and must have physical consumption records within the last two months, maintain common cashier addresses, and delete other items that are not frequently used.


Corporate Information.

The address of the company left, the phone number must be real, if there is no unit, you can try to find a large company, and then there are a lot of contact numbers left and the extension needs to be transferred to connect.


Responsible for checking phone calls.


Pay attention to the response of the call back.

Many online lending institutions will make return calls. Some online lending institutions simply refuse to receive the call twice, so pay special attention to answering. It is best to set it as a ringtone, and uninstall the software that intercepts incoming calls. Avoid being unable to answer the phone.


Answer the questions firmly.

Do not hesitate in the questionnaire survey, be firm, such as the purpose of the loan, whether there are other loans, etc., and consider it when you apply. If you can’t remember, you can write the questions you might ask on the card in advance, put it in your pocket, and take it out at any time.

Repayment of loans.

In the end, if the next loan can be repaid, it must be repaid on time. Now online loans basically go to third-party credit investigation. If you don’t repay it, it will be even more difficult for you to take a loan next time. , It’s not difficult to borrow again.

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